I’m getting the hang of it…

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Sorreeee…..(At least I warned ya, right? XD)

I spent all day playing Secret of Solstice (and watching anime >.&gt.

I finally got my class change. Turns out 16 was the level to do the class changes. Yey. I looked through the forums and found the name of the guy who does the change. I chose warrior. Then I made a new character. XD I got through it well enough. Though I spent more time leveling than questing. I don’t like how the English is kind of off during the descriptions. It’s not as bad as Perfect World but still… I think I’ll have to keep a pen and paper nearby when I play because it’s not very convenient. Though I don’t think I’ll play SoS for much longer. I play it because it’s easy to log on to and it’s not a full screen game. Unfortunately, the fact that this game is a little bit off (I can’t think of a better word) that I don’t really get any fulfillment from it. I’ll probably make characters in all 4 or 5 classes (warrior, magician, priest, thief, and neophyte?) and if I still can’t find the right class, I’m deleting it from my puter.

My second character, Happy Period (like from the Always commercials? lol Who has a happy period anyway?), became a magician. I was doing just fine up until that point. I went outside of the magician town I was transported to and had to run away from the mobs. (I’m not meant for magician classes?) I died twice. And then I had to run again. I was trying to get back to the newbie town but I just never made it.

I suppose it’s the way I’m always trying to rush through areas. I never did like staying in the same place. Especially if there are other places to be explored. So far I have to say the perfect class for me is Maple Story’s Bowmen (I did manage to get a little MS in here! :o). SoS has an archer class but you have to be like level 80 to get it. T^T Oh wells.

In this screenshot try to find the Happy Period. 😮

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