…is a Z-Run group.

The group I run with, to be exact. And I’m the only runner without a Z-Helm. Sort of.

Today was normal. Nothing to blog about (*COUGHpreviousblogCOUGH*) and the only spectacular thing about today was NX.

300k NX, that is.

I paid for it, but I didn’t buy it. I entrusted it to a friend to buy it for me.

Apparently, the cashier said something about getting a girlfriend for cheaper.

Ironically, I’ve already got one. Silly hum- cashier, GFs are for pros! Sort of.

Anyways, being the enterprising businessman I am (not really), I set out with cracking open the first $25 card. And I charged it.

Then I opened my second $25 card.

That was when disaster struck..!

I accidentally scratched off a portion of the last part of the code..!


Futilely, (MUDADA!) I tried to randomly type in digits. To no avail.

So I skipped ahead, and opened another $25.

And then… left to practice the piano. Like I always do.

When I came back, I logged in, and… Did nothing. Except revive my rabbit.

Ooh, that wascally wabbit!

And I tried out my auto-looting pet at Sky Nest II (one of my “S>Genesis” spots). Needless to say, looting was excellent.

And I found about 4 equips in the 30 minutes that I was there. Lucky me, huh?

Doesn’t end there: I was leech-training another of my friends later, and, aside from earning the 4m for training him, I’d found about 3 more equips, and that Steely that never, ever drops from Blood Harps!!

That was cool.

Then I sold one of my $10 cards to my friends. I sca-, err, sold the card fair and square for 25m. Not bad.

Then a guild member tried to buy some NX from me in the form in clothes. Total earnings of 30-40m from him.

And another one complained about how I ‘promised’ NX to him. Let’s just say that we had a little argument that ended up in us forgiving each other. After acting like a-holes to each other, that is. And starting guild drama over $10 of NX.

Then I changed my look.

Instead of looking like a ‘girl-looking guy,’ I’m now an ‘albino-emo-looking guy.’ Cool, huh?!

Z-Run was tonight. And, just like last week, NEXON plopped a server-close at 10:00 PM.

Long story short, we beat Zak. with about 30mins to spare for a 2nd run. A “fun” run, mind you.

And I got my Helm. Finally.

Yep. I’m Helm’d now. Yay me.

But it makes me look bald. Boo.

I decided to pass on the fun run, as a friend I’d long not seen appeared.

Apparently, he’d been hacked/scammed out of his equips.

Being the kind friend I am, I gave him the 34?/35? attack, 6 LUK Black Scarab I’d been holding. And I promised him Kumbi’s the next day. No Steely, though; I need my money!


Final notes:
• I spent $300 on NX. Before you go about criticizing my spending spree habits, I’ve nothing else to spend it on. Besides, it’s not exactly my money… Hehe…

• I reached 100m in Mesos today. This is the very first time I’ve ever gotten this many in just mesos. To think that just two weeks ago, I was only hold 16m, huh?




~Final Announcements~
• I’m looking for a Doomsday Staff. The Dimon Wand I’m holding does not suit my tastes at all.
• I’m selling training @ various places for various prices. Talk to me in-game for more details.
• No screen shots. Sorry.
• No comics either. Sorry.
• Eventide. Those of you who know what I’m talking about should be told that Lightning Helix is coming back. As a creature.

~Blog finished @ 11:02 PM, PST

All events regarding this day are marked as “True.” Unless otherwise notified, you should believe in this blog, and believe that this blog believes in you.

6 thoughts on “Forte…”

  1. Nice blog, enjoyed reading it :]
    The max amount of nx ive ever charged is $50,

    Edit: What world do you play in? *crosses figners for kradia*

  2. Metinks forte is in Scania and/or Bera Sashimi. One thing I don’t get though. If you wanted mesos and you had RL money to blow you could have just bought from a meso selling website, 1 bil is roughly 200 bucks, I don’t check though.

  3. I play in Bera, actually.

    I don’t really trust my money to ‘unofficial’ sources, like meso-selling sites, and I feel somewhat better that I’m using my money to (hopefully) contribute to NEXON instead of to some hacking/farming company only out for the money. Not that NEXON isn’t out for the money, either.

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