I Need More Self-Control?

I was supposed to be studying for my Astronomy quiz yesterday night. Really.

But then I logged onto MapleStory on the pretext of apologising to my friend, because I had promised that I would come online that day when I didn’t.

Then it all started going downhill, and I stayed up and played till 2am.


I need more self-control. Srsly.

Well that aside, a very small update on my character! I’m level 44 now, going to reach level 45 soon. Training at Monkey Forest 2 is really very very fast. Save for the fact that I keep leaving to go on excursions to other places with my friends and dying in the process.

For example, my friend and I got into our heads that we should explore the Singapore map, so we went into the ghost ship to gape at the huge mobs and marvel at our inability to deal any significant damage at all (we are both around level 44-45). And me, forgetting to spam my pots while being buffeted about by these huge ghostly things, died in one of the maps, simply because I was chatting. Haha.

And not to mention, I was travelling to Orbis to upgrade my Maple Earring yesterday, and because the ride to Orbis is just excruciatingly long, the moment I got on the ship I Alt+Tabbed out to do some other stuff like surf the ‘net. When I opened Maple again, I was presented with a gravestone and the sight of my character floating in the sky, with a notice telling me SRY U DIED (not exactly, but you get my point), because while I was on the ship, TWO CRIMSON BALROGS SPAWNED and massacred my poor low level character. T_T

So that was dying twice within two days. Sigh, all that exp.

But I finally finished the quest where you gather 1000 cursed dolls for Fairy Whatshername (for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is). Good rewards, and the fame was especially welcome since I was, for no reason given at all, defamed by a random person. Now I have two level 40 hats though, which is pretty useless. Anyone need a Dark Distinction? I think I’ll just go NPC it because I’m too lazy to try and sell it to some other player, since it will take too much time and I will probably get scammed because I’ll sell it way below market value.

Well the upshot is, I’m going to stay away from Maple until 30 May because that’s one of my project deadlines, and I really should concentrate on it because its a favour I’m doing for a friend. (So says I, who is going to open Maple now since there’s some time between now and lunch and school XD)

8 thoughts on “I Need More Self-Control?”

  1. Procrastination is certainly one of the most annoying things that ever occur to people, and I must say that this happened to me a lot. Not to the point where I would stay up till then on a day before school, but I would forget about my homework or just not care. It’s just a really hard thing to break out of, and I understand. The best way to deal with it is the avoid it completely. Good luck on getting through it.

    Oh geeze, I remember when I trained on Lupins when my old Sniper was a Crossbow Man, and that was just horrible. I can understand the pain going through all of that, and that must of been horrible being defamed for no reason. Just doesn’t sound like you’re having a lucky day at all. Well good luck with trying to do your school work, because it will pay off in the end, rather then just playing MapleStory.

  2. Lol. I have yet to die an AFK death on the Orbis ship yet, basically because I always err on the side of paranoia and wait till the ship takes off so that I can hide before I alt-tab away. But those ship rides gotta be one of the most irritating things in the game, agree?

    Good luck with school and the abstinence from Maple~ XD

  3. I need self-control more.

    My English final is tomorrow, I have to write an in-class essay, we have the topic/assignment already and we’re supposed to have prepared our essay’s outline in advance. It’s 1 AM and I’m still on here, with half my intro done.

  4. I remember doing te exact thing you did, afking on the orbis boat. When I came back, the boat was SWARMED with rogs, but then I, who had been blessed with the twin gifts of luck and fast reaction, had been sitting on the extreme left of the boat and was barely in time to get the hell out of there before the rog cast a lightning thingy on the place my char had been sitting in a split second ago.

    Too bad you went to another window instead of going to the toilet I guess

  5. Haha, good for you Russet. My quiz is later today. It shouldn’t be too difficult though.


  6. altessa said: “Haha, good for you Russet. My quiz is later today. It shouldn’t be too difficult though.



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