700 defense? Psh.

With the help of 2x drop and a ~50%/hr LMPQ, EmeraldAure is level 60.

Finally. Insert expletive. I’ve been level 59 for too insert more expletives long.

So of course, the first thing I do is equip my gear. Blue Tai, check. White Polyfeather, check. Shoes, no check, but who needs those things anyway. Golden Crow… crud.

I surf FM rather unsuccessfully.

After a while, one of my friends who quit let me have his old one. So I transfered it over, thinking, “sweet a free crossbow” (yeah I’m such a moocher ._.) and try to equip it only to get an error message.

… -deflated-

Okay. I have 45 base str, a Red Kismet that adds +5 str, a Sirius Cloak with +2 str, a shoe with +3 str, and a hat with +2. Add 3 str from level up, and that’s 60, which is how much you need to equip a GC. Perfect, right?

But what I didn’t figure is that my Tai replaces my Kismet. And my Tai gives +1, so there goes 4 str.


Luckily though, I forgot to add my dex. So I went ahead and dumped them into str, but I’m still 2 short.

So now I’ve gotta choose. Either wear my Kismet (which I’m sick of) for another level, or my old Icarus 2 (which isn’t shiny ) for a level. Opinions?

As for the title, that’s referring to a Death Teddy. I make a sort of ritual of sniping a few Death Teddies whenever I level up in the vicinity of Ludi.

This time, I counted the number of shots. I 36-hit the first one, 35-hit the second one, lost count on the third one, and 39-hit the fourth one. Not one miss – yay for archer main stat being dex! And I broke 1k damage against their defense, doing 1039 on one arrow of DS. My damage isn’t especially impressive, most archers my level could probably do the same, but it’s still pretty cool doing 4 digit damage on a monster 25 levels higher than me.

Refer to the pic, note the +1300 EXP. (Btw, the thing hyperfell said in the chat box that he killed is an ant. Apparently it crawled into his keyboard and was interfering with his 2x. Lol.)

Makes me think of the very first DT I sniped, exactly 10 levels ago. Those 10 levels really do account for a lot. At level 50 I only hit them about 1 in 3 shots, and it took like 5 full minutes of standing and shooting to kill one. Now, I could kill 10 DTs in that time, if there were enough of them on the safely snipe-able row

High accuracy ftw.

Oh, and I pose a question to you.

Truthfully, how is my writing in Leaves? Good? Bad? Okay? Not descriptive enough? Too bland/dull/boring? Absolutely breathtaking? (I doubt it.)

Russet is hanging on every word you say.

15 thoughts on “700 defense? Psh.”

  1. I actually really like reading Leaves. It’s a refreshing breath of decent fantasy-fiction that – the fantasy genre stuff, I mean – that I can’t find very much of anymore! @__@

    Update more ploks!

    o__o Whoa, almost wrote ‘plokos’. I REALLY need to go to bed @.@ Pardon me for any incoherent thoughts.

  2. Your writing needs a bit more description, but is pretty good overall. Seems like everything is calm, and happy, and is generally delightful.

  3. Dest2 said: “Typical Shiningwings; falling for RussetPotatoAure. Tsk tsk.




  4. Ganzicus said: “

    Dest2 said: “Typical Shiningwings; falling for RussetPotatoAure. Tsk tsk.




    ;__; You guys suck.

  5. They’re just jealous that they don’t have their own gullible 13-year-old to mess with.


  6. I don’t know whether to fall off my chair laughing, or to find a kitchen knife and stab you guys to death D:

  7. Fall off your chair laughing. I’ll take care of the kitchen knife.


  8. Okay.

    -falls off chair laughing-

    -hits head-

    CONCUSSION. AsDLifjwkespazz -dies-

  9. Whee, I’m a zombieeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

    A coolie zombie! Ahaha – pardon the pun ploks

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