mmot playground!

It’s times like this I wish there was a category filed under “GREAT EXPERIENCE” in the blog types.

The MMOTPS has been out for a few days now, and we’ve gone through plenty of rollbacks, file deletions, and server crashes. Even as we speak, the server is down.

But never have I had so much fun in MapleStory.

In just today, I had enough fun to make up for the two days of MMOTMS unable to log on problems I had. (Also enough to make up for Darkie repeatedly giving me false hope to be a GM >: D )

Today, I logged on to find 14 people on, all in the middle of an NX event. Naturally, I tried to get out as soon as possible, as is my habit to get ahead of everyone while they’re having an event.

This lead to a server crash. It was fixed, though.

High Points

We made our first Zakum run as a Pserver today (yesterday doesn’t count), and the eight arms were promptly killed. The real problem, however, was the three bodies. (inorite). After like twenty minutes, we wasted the motherf_____. (After I used my Ressurection spell [with no cooldown] about thirty freaking times) We all got Zhelms, and I soon destroyed mine by accident. (I bought two 70%s to scroll with by accident. I went “might as well use them,” but the second one killed my Zhelm.)

After that, we had a boss event where Darkie summoned a fudgeload of bosses, and then we had to kill two Papulatuses. Luckily, we were too 1337 and managed to somehow survive. (I think that my Ressurection wasn’t much used there.) It was after that, when we started spamming our flashy skills, when Dest got MAD!

Very, very low point

Dest jailed us all. However, I d/ced before he let us go, so I was stuck. He decided to torture me, and warped me to the GM jail, with a blank background. I managed to escape using a glitch I only could use once, and then Dest re-jailed me. About five minutes after my torture, Vicelin broke me out.

And that was when Dest turned nasty. He got out his almighty Red Whip and started chasing me around the Maple World. I ran around a couple of times before I got caught and sent to the MAPLE HOLOCAUST CAMP! He was Hitler, and Vicelin, exasperated after she broke me out twice and I still got caught (Hey, GMs have warp abilities, it’s not my fault I can’t tell where Dest is going to go next), she made me a male skirt to use as a Holocaust uniform with her godly GM powers (Powers that would’ve been mine if Darkie doesn’t keep not making me a GM albeit his words).

She broke me out when Dest was AFK, and I ran.

I ran from Henesys to Korean Folk town, and then used the well to get to Aquarium, and then ran to the Lost Sanctuary, and then got cornered by Dest near Jr. Barlog (Which I killed in about 3 seconds), and then used a Return Scroll. I went to the VIP Sauna, went in and out a couple of times to fool Dest, then went to the Reg Sauna to throw him off. It worked, so I ran out and used a Scroll to Kerning. The server then proceeded to restart.


Dest is a Grade 1 meanie.


Pic1: Right after we took down Zakum’s arms.
Pic2: One of my more flashier screenshots. Sashimi was dead on the other side of Zakum, where Dest, David, Ryan, and the other three were spamming Zakum.
Pic3: The afterparty.
Pic4: Us killing Papulatus. On the other side of FM, everybody else was killing the second Pap.
Pic5: The only picture I had of the Great Chase. Ah well, at least I’m wearing the Male Skirt.

15 thoughts on “mmot playground!”

  1. Lmao
    :3 I need to level on that -.-

  2. Haha You can see me just spamming Crusher in all of em
    And I’m the one who pushed the second pap away because i wanted a private one
    Oh whell it still was a fun day!

  3. Yes.

    And I was spamming Genesis!

    I love that 50k dmg massive area of effect spell.

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