This new game…

Hello there all Mmo:ers, i thought that i would write something about a new game ive started playing, and no, its not gonna be an information blog so here it goes:

I came home yesterday in the knowing that my brother sent me a link of this new game he was playing, called Ragnarok. So i was sitting at the computer and downloading the game and wiie, it was done! I didnt hav to patch so that was a big relief. Made a char named SneekerN_san (i know its supposed to be a – instead of a _). My brother came home a little bit later and started teaching me about the commands (It was a private RO called Randgris). It was millions and millions of commands but i managed to learn some of them. Started levelling and Whoop-dee-doo 40 lvls on one kill. Time for job change! i went to the Job Master and told him that i wanted to be a Swordsman and *poof*, RO’S NEWEST SWORDSMAN =D

Well, nowadays im lvl 999 on 3 characters, lovely characters =D. SneekerN_san is 999 Paladin, SneekerN-kun is 999 Star Gladiator, Gunslinger-chan is 999 Gunslinger! To download this game just go to link yay, OR I SLICE YOU!

I hope it’s not another phailed blog, cya guys.