Yay first bloggy!

Yeah, Yeah I suck at starting things -_- I shall start with …Games in the past week or so.

Omg, Omg I haven’t touched GB in agess D: so I went online.

I blew 1mil on so many avatar thingys, I ended up with 10k left.
I tried my skills I was pro…ish. So I played one round.
Miss, Miss, Miss, Suicide.

Surrender Button FTW.

I found a new feature in it too o-o *Hovers mouse over Tutorial*
LOLwhatFUN. So I went on it for ages trying to kill that tutorial bot. Finally killed it after I got used to the keys again. YAY!

Hum, what can I say, A LOT of things have happend in the past week. Some in which I dont want to mention and some are too random to even SEEM true. I started off with LMPQ.

..Went on for an hour.

..Got some money.

..Used it all on a pair of earrings. -_-

Call me sad but yes, I went on and played it again. LOLOLOLwhatTARDEDPEOPLE.
Ahh! I forgot how screwed up the people in Runescape looked like, Brought back memories…

Well I got tired of it after like two minutes…almost fell asleep ._.

*Falls asleep* ( -.-) .zZ

No…this isn’t a game.
So many things to do in RL, I’m finding it hard to spend time on Maple or any of the games I used to play. Whats even more sad is that I’m finding interest in these seedy little trial games which you needa pay to play.
It’s so boring at school, They block nearly every website..

I tried MMOTales on the school computer.



Yay! Something to keep me entertained! I couldn’t write properly because this computer has nothing in it so I can’t really add any pictures. Aww..but pictures make the bloggy more fun T-T

There’s one week of ramble. Hope it was alright o-o


Hmm Comments Please? o.o

Edit; Edit: Fixed a phew minor Gammah problemz.

11 thoughts on “o.-”

  1. An official welcome to MMOblogging to you, I guess. ;D
    I suppose MMOtales is pretty obscure-ish, so that’s why it slips past most school filters, lol.

    And I like those seedy trial games. I used to take advantage of the free five extended minutes that this one game gives, and keep playing and playing and playing at it. Good old times.


    Cow tipping! YAY!

    I like you. Be my friend. Together, we unite. Animals! ANIMALS!

    It’s called . . . Animalism.

  3. =(

    At my school MMOT,Basil,Hidden Street,MapleTip, MapleGlobal, MapleSea,Maple Europe,JMS , Taiwain MS

    Is all blocked. . . . Ghey

    Hi I’m Nass. LURVE ME?


  4. Don’t “LURVE” it! “It”‘s going to KEEL JOO! KEEEEEEEEEEEEL!

    By the way, Gunbound is ghey. It was okay before it turned into North America. SCREW YOU IJJI!

    Ijji = Nexon.

    Softnyx = Wizet.


  5. Nassanei said: “=(

    At my school MMOT,Basil,Hidden Street,MapleTip, MapleGlobal, MapleSea,Maple Europe,JMS , Taiwain MS

    Is all blocked. . . . Ghey

    Hi I’m Nass. LURVE ME?


    My sch blocks deviantart, cos of porno ._.”
    How the heck i do my art research now? :1

  6. Hah?

    I’m thinking if I go on MMO too much I’ll, prolly get it blocked x-x;;

    @ Froggy:
    OGM YEY HAI I’M-steps on froggy-

    o.o oh crap sorry D:
    And Gunbound, Yes I know its ghey, It the only thing on my computer I had on that day without having to patch >.>

    @ Nass:
    Hum well. *Hugs* o-o;;

    -Cow. o.o

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