Long Weekend.

Another short rewind to before the posting of this blog o.o
-Reverse time = an 1hour ago-

Lesse, I might go write a blog.. -Dissapears-

..*shuffle shuffle*


-Sounds of a chainsaw going off- AHHHHHHHH! WHERS MI KIYBORD?????!!!


HOORAAAAH! Finally a break from school~ I must say this week has been the most tiring ._.
*Gets out a bunch of papers and reads* Yes, HW and Half yearlys going off every single day for the past week. I swear my brains dead. Ah, enough with me on about this crap, Let’s move onto the games…


Lol. Gotta love Domo-Kun <3


OMG. I did NOT just mention that. Did I? AHHHHHHHH! *Jumps off a cliff*
*Sigh* I got into the game again..Not to mention grind up to 25 in one day =.=
I was actually surprised at the amount of people who actually came up to me and started talking to me. o_o
Yeah, yeah call me werid but, normally in games besides Maple, People don’t usually talk..

..Or mingle
..Or flirt
..Or *******

OKAY WHERE WAS I? Oh yeah. If you wish to know my IGN, Don’t bother, I quit already LOL.

-Sips coffee-


For some reason I’ve been hearing quite a lot of people posting blogs about this, so I’ve decided to join in.



Lawl. Just Lawl.

I can say how ANNOYED I am, at the LOVELY people on Maple THESE DAYS

I can’t help but see GMS just..dying out there..The immaturity of these people are just amazing. -___-

Let’s move onto the HEMFUNNYHEM things shall we?

-Sips coffee again-
Haha! I got -cut off again- For some reason Maple’s been having a couple of seizures =/
This is how it goes:

-Afking on maple-

Whoops I forgot to close Maple o-o No wonder I was lagging..

Me: *Maximises*
Me: AHHH! *Minimises again*
Me: Tries to force close with the Window Task Manager thingy.
Maple: *Minimises and Maximises a million times causing the computer screen to litterally turn into a disco ball*
Me: *Screams and presses the restart button*

If anyone asks..It wasn’t me. *Collapses onto the ground*


~Cow o.o

Edit: I apologize for not taking any screenies, I swear these crappy JPEG files are getting on my nerves..
Edit:Edit:Scary huh? ^^ Maybe I should give this bloggy a rating.. ;D

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  1. Hehe I think *Twitch* It might’ve been *Twitch* The cookies I ate earlier *Twitch*

    ~Cow o.o

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