Northern Markets Ep88

Previously on Northern Markets:
[/i] Look up in the sky! Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO! It’s the Justice Arrow! The religious fundamentalist terrorists came back and dispensed death and destruction on the people of Border Town. Not only were most of the few surviving Kerning refugees wiped out, but many of Sasko people were killed by the barbaric bowmen!
Owl Spirit puts her wind magic, hack powers and physical strength to the test as she battles it out with her former Arrow mates and trainer and mentor Bow Mistress Rachel Luka level 165.
The New Saskatchewan army’s tanks blast the fearsome stolen foreign airship out of the sky and they wipe out the Justice Arrow invaders!
Meanwhile, Owl and Luka go head to head, then Owl hacks the living hell out of her, turning her from pureblood to hacker! Owl has struck down her opponent when she fires a Dragon Pulse at the hovership blowing it up, killing Mistawasis, famous well-trained druid and magician, and Owl’s mother who she never saw in her life!
Owl smashes open her staff and hurls it like a javelin into the guts of Luka, and it explodes in a fearsome magical burst, blowing the bow mistress to bits!
Consumed by the killer rays of the Sun, Owl passes out and hits the ground face first! What will become of her? And what will become of her companion Azure Rainbow? Stay tuned and find out!!![i]

Episode 88: Revival

Ketvirtadienis, Sagittari 33 (Thursday, Jan 17)
6:00 SEA Time (7:00 am)
Petaigon Base, Nipawin 487, New Saskatchewan

Owl Spirit had a flurry of dreams and nightmares and flashbacks of her childhood in Henesys. She dreamed of narrowly escaping Panquilia, and of dying in the Corazon Mountains.
Then she re-lived the past memories of the big fight in Border Town. Then it came to when that bow mistress b|tch fired her Dragon Pulse missile at the Grasslander hover ship and blew it up–

Owl’s eyes snapped wide open and she found herself staring at the ceiling of a dark room. Through a tainted window in the ceiling, Sun light beamed through onto the wall opposite the bed Owl was lying on.
Owl tried to move, but suddenly her whole body hurt and she felt extremely weak to the point she couldn’t even lift a finger.
She tried to groan, but it took so much effort just to make a vocal sound.
Owl was soaked in sweat, the salty drops staining her purple hair black and stinging her eyes. Owl realized she wasn’t wearing the woven poncho she wore last time she was awake. The fabric felt different now.
Owl felt painful electric tingling in her whole body, and saw a metal ball hanging from the ceiling. It was a sap ball, an orb the emits waves that cripples magic function in a mage’s body, rendering them magically useless. Not only was Owl unable to cast magic, she could hardly even move at all, and she felt like complete crap. Some of the muscles in her arms felt like cold dead meat and that scared the hell out of her.
Owl pondered. Was she taken prisoner? was she in one of those magic markets? Will she be sold live or dead?
Whole or in pieces? Slave or food?
Tears streamed down her face. She thought of her mother, the woman who saved her from the bow masters back at Border Town, then of that lady who killed her mother. she was dead now.

There was a sharp wooden clap at the door and it slowly swung open and two people came in.
“Owl Spirit?” called the robed man in green hair.
Owl turned her head to look at him. He was an old guy, and his accomplice was a young woman with bright corn-yellow hair.
She grunted.
“It’s good to see you’re awake. We were beginning to worry about you,”

“Wh..where…am…I?” Owl croaked as she turned her head to look at the two.

“You are at the base in Nipawin,” the man said in accented English. “Our fighters picked you up at Border Town after
that battle against your foes. You’ve been severely burned all the way through by the rays of Sola (Sun) and the stars. If it weren’t for your fierce hack powers, you would be dead. You’ve been out for four days, and our healers have been watching you closely.”
Owl grunted, trying to lift her hand to point at the sap ball mounted on the ceiling.

“Ah, yes, this is what we call a sap chamber. You have been sapped of nearly all your magic and hack energies so the clerics and bio-mages could take a closer look at you, and what we found isn’t very good. Your health, it is in poor state. A mage’s body uses magic and mana in place of nutrients from food. Same for a hacker. This results in you eating less, and your body becomes starved and deprived of things like water, protein, vitamins, and minerals, yet it draws heavily on magic. Eventually, your body becomes so weak that it will either fail to contain the magic you have and…we’ve seen mages explode or burst into flames. If not, your organs and systems collapse, and you break down and implode, like an old building.”

Owl paused as she took it all in. she felt really weak and a bit sick.

The man continued, “It turns out you are the long lost child of the late arch mage Mistawasis. We would like to see you return to the glory of mage hood, to begin with, we will restore your health first. You will be spending the next few days in the sap chamber eating, exercising, and other things while your body re-learns to operate properly again. Only a magician or hacker can wield and use full power when his or her own body knows how to and not to use the magic, after all, it is dangerous.”

“Our bio mages took a thorough examination of you, and you’ve been through alot,” he said, pulling out a list.
“Freezer burns and frost bites, multiple stab wounds, gunshot wounds, and of course, your whole body was completely ripped to shreds. You were stitched back together by a hacker, however, you never recovered the forepart of your right arm, instead the stump acts as a basepoint for your hackium power, and at times you used ther arm to hack.”
“We will have to remedy that,” the woman said. “People may condem hacking in Victoria, however we do not favor hacking here either. It’s not a moral policy, it is a safety thing. Hackium is extremely dangerous energy and plages and poisons those who carry and weild it. Once we’ve fixed your arm, and you have recovered, you will start training and learn how to keep your hackium use to a minimum, and you will learn how to effectively use magic. The smarter a mage is, the more power she can produce and use,”

Owl was too weak to deny what these two had planned for her. Owl coughed. “A-A-azure?” she asked.

“Your friend, yes?” the woman asked.
Owl nodded.

“Azure has recovered and trained. she recovered quickly and began combat training at the Innsj√ł av Tid (Lake of Time).

“Why combat?” Owl asked.
“She produces magic at an incredibly fast rate. She has to dispense and use it or else she will suffer severe injury and sickness. Azure has daveloped the ability to convert the energy from the Sun, the stars, hell even hackium all into raw magic. Her case is the most exciting one for the archmages who are studying and training her. Azure started out during a magic induced siezure, and was placed in the arena. The only truly effective way for her to safely dispell her energy is by fighting. We have already seen spectacular sparring matches between that girl and some of our arch mages.

“One match, Azure was dueling an ice mage. That girl fended off ice showers, freezer winds with magic claws and power bolts. Sensory equipment has measure Azure’s magic claws to be around 10,000 volts. At the training camp at (the Lake of Time), Azure learned how to weave air and water with her magic. she can surround herself with a bubble of air and magic fibers in a fraction of a second. With that defence, she fended off a deadly flame torrent that would have otherwise killed her!” the woman said excitedly.

“Last duel Azure was in on base, she transmitted her own raw magic back at an ice mage, almost overloading and burning him,”

“Oh,” Owl grunted.

“Enough of the stories, lets fix that arm of yours!”

It is too damn hot outside!

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