Northern Markets Ep81

Episode 81: Job offer

Aoine (Wednesday)
Winter 28 (Jan 27)
10:12 AM

Jango Alyth was locked up in a dark cell deep inside the giant tree where the CCA’s base was carved out.
The cell was 7ft long, 5ft wide, and 6 feet high. There were no windows in here and when the thick door was closed there was absolute darkness. Over the last two days, Jango was interrogated, and tortured alot. He was zapped, fried, frozen and posioned, and many of the mages just beat the crap out of him with their staffs. They even rubbed mana fuel in his eyes and they burned like hell.
Broken ankle, twisted wrist, and bruised all over, Jango was dragged down here and locked in this tiny cell without food or water.

Hey lay there on the pile of leaves, stripped to his boxers, shivering in the cold damp air.
The door opened, and he was basked in blinding light. Scared as hell, Jango tried to sit up, shaking with fear.
“Allright, who did this?!” Athlone demanded.
The low level mage shrugged. “Wasn’t me,”
“Scriuáil sin! You know better! We’re not savages! Has he eaten?”
“I don’t know,” the mage said.
“Go get him some clothes!”
Soa stepped out of the way while the mage rushed off. She just woke up and was still hastily brushing her silver hair, and tied it back.
Officer Leixip arrived.
Athlone stared down at the ranger who sat curled up shaking. There were electrical and ice burns on his body, and bruises and welts where they hit him with the staffs. He had black eyes and there weren umerous cuts and scars all over him.
“Aye, you look pathetic!” Athlone muttered, motioning for Leixip and Soa to take him out of the cell. The archmages took the ranger each by an arm and lifted him up and dragged him out. They took him to the medical room on a higher floor, and a cleric examined him.
Jango lay on the bed and didn’t move.
He flinched everytime the cleric wiped blood off him and used his heal spells.
“Relax, fella, no one’s going to hurt you,” Athlone said. Jango looked up at the CCA superior officer. He had long white hair and a big mustache that flared up everytime he spoke. His black and blue robes reflected the celining mounted giant flower’s bright light.
“You’re among friends now. It’s a pity isn’t it? Your Justice Arrow goes around slaughtering our people by the thousands, and of them all, only you have the very little human decency to know it is wrong and therefore you turn yourself in, and yet, our young mages dispense their vengence on a man who is not directly responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. Can’t be helped, can it?”
Leixip and Soa said nothing.

The cleric guy reached for his wand-
“Ar bith, healer,”
The cleric looked up at Athlone questionly.
“Don’t heal with your magic. He’s a pureblood afterall. Might get magic sickness, wouldn’t want that, now would we? Just put bandages on and stitch him up,”
“Sea a mhaistir,” Yes, sir.
Jango grunted as the cleric guy stuck him with a needle and stitched up the gash on his chest.

“You’ve heard of the summit meeting, ranger?”
Jango nodded.
“Some summit,” Athlone spat sarcastically. “The Henesys people simply talked about their stupid religion, and and called everyone else ‘the devil’s vermin,’ Is that how you percieve us, ranger? Even the wizards who kicked the crap out of you?”
Jango nodded no. “…we…are vermin,”
“Who?” Athlone demanded.
“We…Justice Arrow..are vermin,”
“Smart lad. Your dear leader, Lord Jalonska was at Lith Harbour. All the delegations tried to reason with him, even Master Grendel on numerous subjects. The great man of the JA stood up, and shouted that he will stop at nothing to purify Victoria of the so called vermin. The negotiations of peace desteriorated and the summit went sour. There’s going to be a war. The JA have already begun ravaging Kerning City on a full attack now. Who knows how many magicians and other people will die at the hands of your great bowmen?”
Jango said nothing.

11:30 AM
Jango sat in the interrogation room wearing simple woven white shirt and pants. He was patched up and his left arm was in a sling. (His torturers wrenched it badly, tearing some muscles).
The door opened, and a man in a black business suit and a GM wearing the white and blue GM’s uniform came in.
The two men sat accross the table from Jango.
“Jango Alyth,” Black Suit addressed him. He nodded as he put a fat folder on the table and opened it.
“This is GM Oráiste, and I am dual-agent Ruk of the Maple Investigation & Intelligence Company (MIIC).”
Jango nodded silently, not looking up.
“I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions, and I want them all answered immediately, understood?”
Jango nodded.
The officer hammered hundreds of questions at the ranger, everything from how he grew up to him leaving the JA.
Then three hours later, he asked the big question:
“Now, I would like to know one thing: WHY did you turn yourself in?”
A long pause…
“I didn’t like the JA,” Jango said slowly. “I didn’t like what they were doing, and everything else,”
“So simply put, a huge guilt trip drove you to turn yourself in?”
“That and I was hoping the information about the SEA Lands would be useful to the magicians against the JA, I was hoping they would do some damage,”
The MIIC officer nodded. “Well, guy, they have established contact with some people in Border Town, and the Ellinia Magic Council has allowed the magicians to engage in good talks with the people from that area. Turns our everything you said was correct. Findings show that the Justice Arrow has lost their footing in the SEA Lands, and they lost their main financial input. Two days ago, Jalonska declared war on Ellinia and Kerning and the JA all over victoria began their attacks. We’ll have to wait and see how the JA manages.”
“…At 6AM this morning, the Justice Arrow began their full-scale attack on Kerning City, an already weakened area. The JA’s rangers concentrated most of their bombing in the Azn areas and focused their attack in Yazhou County. Pocket resistance groups have begun fighting back, however, until archmage troops arrive, their war effort will be futile.
In eastern Victoria, the bowmasters of Henesys launched a full attack in the Amund region, destroying hundreds of magician settlements. Archmages counter-attacked, and the furious battle is still going on….”– C-WOLF TV News

I just HAD to have a big brainfart!!!!!!!!!!

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