Northern Markets Ep72

Episode 72

11:00 SEA time [3 PM]
More Grasslanders arrived and dropped off their loads of Sasko troops in and around Border Town.
The troops all got the message and the army assumed command of the operation. They quickly and quietly gathered up the people they needed to help fight the Justice Arrow’s bowmen. The residents who couldn’t fight (old people, children, others, etc) moved to areas away from the south east districts on the Kashkun side of town. This area was where the JA’s warehouse was located. The massive silver Quonset structure was the size of a soccer field.

This place was joint-leased by the Purpell Meat Company (who owned a processing plant 20 miles west of BT), PetsOverNight Co. and the JA. The P.O.N. employee was driving through the streets in his gray pickup when Saska warrior mages jumped out infront of him and blasted the truck with magnetic magic. The truck died instantly and before the man knew what hit him, the driver side door was busted open and he was pulled out and thrown to the ground.
“Agh! What the hell lahah!~”
“Zakroit versk!” the lightning mage shouted jamming the tip of her staff into the back of the guy’s neck.
They dragged him off as more mages came and drove the truck away. The man was stripped of his keys to the locked gate and doors of the warehouse.

Owl Spirit jogged through the streets behind a group of mages and warriors. With her left arm, she gripped the shaft of her Pyogo mushroom staff tightly.
The solar mage leading the group barked commands in Saskwa and the group ran another two blocks and through some back alleys. Soon they came to the JA’s warehouse.
The building was surrounded by a metal fence that was topped with barbed wiring.
The illusionist in the group- a level 82 light mage cast his cloak of magic-
Everyone became invisible as the magnetic power surrounded them and reflected the light around them.
Owl stared down- her shadow was gone, and so were her feet and arms! She still felt the cold breeze swirling around her so she knew she hand’t disappeared! The now invisibile Pyogo was still heavy in her hand.
“You speak Saskwa?”
Owl spun around, but she didn’t see anyone. She felt a hand clamp lightly on her shoulder, and a female voice said in her ear, “Relax, Owl. You have never been sheilded from light before, have you?”
“It’s all good. Ah, Kino did a better job this time, you can’t even see shimmiering light on your shadow!”
“What’s going on?”
“The Sasko army has arrived, and they know all about the bowen’s crimes. They came to destroy them. We will sneak in and destroy them!”
“Who are you?” Owl demanded.
“Why Owl, i’m Eule, your sister! Mama is here too, and wait till she sees you!” Eule said with a giggle in her voice.
Owl stood paralyzed as a storm of emotions swept through her mind- but she forced it all down; theyre going in!

On the demand by the squadron’s captain Oska Flowne, level 152 wind archmage, the squad of 200 ran through the open gate as a Mule truck drove out. The driver and the Ranger waving to him didn’t see a thing; not even yellow grass being stomped on. They all snuck in through open doors. Some of the other wind mages and fly hackers flew up and in through open windos on the top. Perfectly stealthed, they slipped in ABSOLUTELY unnoticed by the rangers and their well trained eyes!
It was dark in here, and Owl first had to strain her eyes, then she adjusted to the light in here.
Lamps lit up the place. Cages, and cages full of live, camatose, and dead magicians were stacked up everywhere
[its like a dog/cat market in China or Korea]. Owl ended up crouching behind a stack of crates close to a table where a giant sick demented man grabbed a magician by the throat and slammed the kid on his back on a huge steel table.
The kid screamed as the man swung down at him with his meat cleaver.
Owl shut her eyes and felt tears coming out. The magician boy’s head fall and landed into a basket. The guy hung the body by the feet from a hook and let the blue blood spill into a bucket. He threw the head into a giant fire oven not too far away. The fat bastard whistled as he worked.

Suddenly, the man stood frozen, pain on his face as invisible knives sliced him. Deep cuts and gashes came out of nowhere as the man stood bewildered and grunting in pain. suddenly the wind kicked up and he himself was torn to shreds! Owl ducked and threw up a wind barrier of her own to deflect the massive blood spew!
But she knew it was the Saska wind mages, who were trained to mold air into any kind of melee weapon or firearm and shred their enemies! They moved swiftly around like hermits, bandits or using tele, and bolted through the warehouse gashing unsuspected bowmen or employees. A level 144 bow master couldnt even scream as the invisible killers gashed him in the throat, jammed their fearsome winds into his torso and ripped out his heart, lungs, guts and liver! The man’s vocal cords were ripped out so he couldn;t even scream.
A female ranger saw a corpse and screamed, alerting almost a hundred other rangers.

“What the hell!”
“Zeke is dead! There’s something in here!”
“What?! I don’t see nothing!”
“What the fu-“
Five hands pressed on the ranger’s body and suddenly powerful air blasts blew him to bits! Blood, guts, brains, and bones rained down on the tables, chairs, cages, and floor.

The alarm bell went off and the others grabbed their bows and started shooting.
One mage was shot in the back after her footprints were found on the blood puddle. She died.
“Open fire! Destroy the heathens!”
The Bow Masters had really good eye sight and they spotted the invisible intruders and opened fire. Hurricanes of arrows stormed the inside; smashing cages and shredding prisoners as they bow masters tried to shoot the Saska troops.
The mages, hermits, chief-bandits and others were forced to break cover and became visible again as they returned fire with all of their skills at the rangers.
A CB screamed as he bolted through the air, ready to slash-
50 arrows shredded his head.
Owl produced her wind guns and opened fire. She had to keep ducking behind crates and trucks to avoid getting hit.
she formed an Uzi this time and bolted from one crate to another, squeezing the trigger as she ran. More wind mages jumped to her side and popped off the rangers like they were nothing. They ran again.
Owl dashed after them to shoot rangers up ahead-

Outside, the clouds split apart, and the Sun appeared in all it’s fury. Because Border Town wasn’t under the protective EM sheild, the city was exposed to the harmful rays. For Sasko people, this is nothing, but for people from Victoria, the lethal rays would be a nightmare.
The solar rays penetrated the roof of the Quonset warehouse and caused changes in the magnetic field around, resulting in magic instabilities in the human body.

Owl felt it. First, her phantom arm disappeared as the hackium enrgy died out, then she felt suddenly drained to the point she couldn’t walk and fell on her ass. She tried to draw more magic from the Pyogo staff, but it was useless. The muscles in her arms and legs became heavy as she felt completely weak.
Owl forced herself onto her feet. The electric tingling inside of her grew painfully worse as the magic and hackium energy started to go off like a raging storm inside of her body. The pain spread.

“Eat this!” A Ranger yellled as he came up and swung his bow, delivering a mighty whack to Owl’s face! She was sent flying and crashed into some carboard boxes. She was mad as hell and tried desperately to get up so she could-
Whack! The bow came crashing down on her collarbone and cracked it. The sharp metal stud on the tip of the bow gashed the skin on her neck and blood started pouring out. Before Owl could react, another ranger fired a bunch of arrows, completely kabobing her legs!

The pain was intense and crippling. Owl almost cried in the agony. She sat heaped up against the side of a cage and stared down at her legs. 25 arrows pierced both of her legs from her feet right up to her thighs. Hack energy crackled at every spot where the arrows were stuck.
“This is for my Analee you killed!” the ranger shouted, whacking her with his bow again. Owl rolled as she tumbled accross the floor and slammed into the metal wall. The metal rumbled with vibrations. She was choked at a time like this, she was completely sapped! She literally couldn’t move.
The Ranger, a big guy with gray hair, and a big beared came up to her again, and this time he pulled a bigger diamond arrow out of his bag, cocked it, and trained his bow on Owl. He charged up and applied so much energy the arrow turned into a giant DragonSoul arrow.
“Any last words, heathen, before I blow you to hell?!”
“F-F-F*** you!” Owl cried as tears streamed out.
“To hell with you, mage!” the ranger shouted, and he released the Dragonsoul arrow.
Zakroit versk= shut up

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