This blog is a lie

There STILL isn’t a section for Perfect World. :< It’s fine because I’ll talk about MS here too.

After weeks of inactivity, I finally logged on to MS. I was delighted to find out that many of the n00bs are gone. I guess the people who were there during the holidays either are in school or have lost interest in Maple. No matter what the reason, it’s better for me.

When I logged in, I was disappointed to find out that Happyville had closed. When I started, I meant to come back but I became so preoccupied with PW and dramas that it just didn’t happen. Anyway, I didn’t have any quests that I could finish quickly so I focused on getting exp. I gained like 5% and then I got bored so I teleported (used a map) to Kerning. As soon as I walked to the sewer area, some idiot let loose like 20 summoning bags. In the mayhem and confusion, I died. Luckily, I only lost like 2%. I guess because I got killed by a summon instead of a normal player, I didn’t lose the typical 10%. (Thank goodness…) It wasn’t so bad because I killed a couple of the summons. I was pissed off but at the same time I was laughing my ass off.

I spent the rest of the time giving away useless items and playing drop games.

I finally know what my friend was talking about when he asked me when I would leave MS. Right now, it’s getting really hard to level. The lag, the n00bs, the flaming n00bs, and the high level n00bs don’t make it any better either. I’m still at level 34 and at the moment I don’t have the patience to train for hours and hours and still not level up. I know I’ll do it later but now I want progress.

Also, everything shot up in price. Omg. I have really bad budgeting skills so I’m usually broke until the moment I need something. When I hit level 30. It took me 2 levels to get enough cash to buy Ryden. I really wanted Ryden because Ryden is a cool name for a bow. I’m thinking about skipping the level 35 equips and just wait until I’m level 40. I have a friend who is holding a level 40 bow for me. (Oh, how sweet ) I think somebody else promised me level 40 equips but I don’t remember.

I hate hearing people tell me how they can make like 100k a day. Not all of us have that kind of skill/willpower. On a regular day I can probably make about 5-10k. And that is if I continuously hunt in certain places. I’ll be lucky if I do find something nice. Once I found a level 35 warrior weapon. I NPC’d it for 40k. Even better was when I started a new character I found a 75k weapon. I NPC’d it and when I came back I couldn’t understand why I was at level 12 with 75k. Lol. Money is nice…

I think I’ll log onto Maple a little later.

Perfect World=======================

I’m really into PW. All of my characters are from anime. XD I have a Rei Ayanami (mage), Mikuru Asahina (Warrior), Yuki Nagato (Elf Preist), and Haruhi Suzumiya (Werebeast). I had one with my name originally but I don’t like the Elf Archer class. I prefer the Elf Priest and Magician classes. Go figure, eh?

The thing about the Priest/Magician classes is that (if you do your stats right) they have high attack but very low mp and defense. Mages definitely suck in mobs. I can only take one monster at a time. I died three times today because while I was fighting one monster another decided to randomly hit me. D:<

Nevertheless, today was a fun day in PW. I actually made new friends. I befriended a fellow Elf Priest who needed help with a quest we both were doing. When I first talked to him, I thought we would just do the quest and that’s it. So, I gave him a fake name (and it’s the name of somebody I dislike to top it off) but I found out he’s from NYC. I told the truth about where I lived because I assumed he lived in Malaysia or some other place across the world. Bah. Now, I’m pissed because I know he’ll want to meet. Ehh… Anyway, instead of doing that one quest, I ended up following him all over the map and then finally doing special quest. It was the first time I actually did a quest like that in PW. I was partied with level 50-70s and it was awesome. They let me tag along and I didn’t even have to do anything but pick up gold. Haha. Afterward, my new friend came with me and I helped him level up. Shortly after that I did a couple of more quests and then I left. Right before I logged off, he asked for my MSN but I told him that I didn’t have one. Ahh…people freak me out too much.

Mi- Mi- Mikuru


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  1. Froggy, do your recruiting elsewhere please. And I aint joining, cos Id only be able to post during the weekends, and I won’t have that.

  2. Hurray PW! It’s a nice game, but very, VERY time consuming. I find it hard to play both Maple and PW and still have a social life. =D

  3. Imppala said: “Any assasin classes in PW? I might try it out one of these days. . .”

    No assassins. There are humans (Warrior and Magician), Elves (Archer/Priest), and Beastkind (Furries. lol)

  4. ZynGal said: “Hurray PW! It’s a nice game, but very, VERY time consuming. I find it hard to play both Maple and PW and still have a social life. =D”

    I don’t have any kind of social life so I can pull it off. =)))))

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