MapleSAP Special: Magicians02

MapleSAP Special: Magicians
II– History of Hatebreeding

The year was 1518 when the Nordic ships reached the beaches of present-day Lith Harbor. They clashed with the natives on the shores and a quick battle broke out. Folllowing the dispute, the Nords and natives quickly agreed to the Lith Harbour Treaty- in exchange for supplies and trade, the natives surrendured the 8 mile X 4 mile stretch of land to the Nords who built the fort and harbour.
Lith Harbour was used as a post for the Nord sailors en route between distant lands, and given their country’s heavy situation, no plans for expansion were established, although surveys were conducted.

7 years later in 1525, Lomi Jalonska and 2000 of his followers arrived at Lith Harbour and moved inland to establish Henesys. Completely immersed in their faith and religious morals, Jalonska’s first settlers had no sense of hate except for the natives who they fought easily. By 1600, Henesys was a full functional town, and the natives were long gone. The new generation living here had no sense of hate and everyone figured this was a promised land where they all could live peacefully under God’s ideals.

However, new evidence is growing that Jalonska wasn’t the first to settle in Victoria. It was only last year that 800-year old scripts stored at Ellinia Library were finally translated from Gaelic to English. According to these records,
in the year 1261, a company of 3000 Innisfailians reached Victoria.

Innisfail is a far away land saturated in magic and mana reserves, and its population were almost all practitioners of magic. According to the now translated personal journal of Erish explorers Alio and Alia Ó hEachthianna, the expedition was hastily launched from Innisfail during times of intense war.

Upon arrival, after nearly a year at sea, the mages detected the mana reservoirs of Ellinia as far away as 150 miles. Because the south and east coasts of Victoria are almost impossible to simply climb up, the Erish people followed the coast westward. Due to a hurricane, Ó hEachthianna’s ship missed the shallow shores of Lith Harbour and instead travelled northward and eventually reached the shores of Naples Valley. While the few magic deposits in the Naples area were temporarilly sufficient, the Ó hEachthianna family was determined to find the big cheese- the massive reservoirs they detected earlier.
The encounter with the Sharenian tribes in the Naples area started off as hostile. Ó hEachthianna describes in his journal on Lunasa [August] 14, 1261, that the young natives looked on them with awe and wonder while the older natives viewed the Erish as a threat. To avert an armed conflict, the archmages sapped the natives of their energy before they could attack. This defence proved useful until the explorers established the Ann-Foir settlement (63 km west of Kerning City). for the next 15 years, Ann-Foir was used as a base camp for more incoming Erish settlers. Tons of mana fuel had to be imported from Innisfail to meet the increasing needs of the magicians.

During this time, other villages were established along the edges of Naples Valley close to magic energy deposits.
Like dots on a line, the 21 villages leading from Ann-Foir by the ocean up to Fort Gairisiuill Gealach (close to present-day 7ung Hwang) formed what they called the Ó hEachthianna Trail. By 1274, the Ó hEachthianna family and a company of 2000+ traversed accross Victoria through Sleepywood Forest, battling aggressive natives the whole way finally arrived at the great magic reservoir. Base Cigireacht was established on the northwestern edge of the swamps and the entire area was inspected for the next two years. During this time, the Innifaileans encountered the fairy tribes- a society Alio Ó hEachthianna described ‘was in the stage of decline’ for numerous reasons:

+ The faries lived in this area for thousands of areas, living off the magic and mana, +/- 50 years before the Innisfailean magicians arrived, the fairy village of estimated 60,000 was devistated by intense flooding and a surge in magic energy from below. Close to 98% of their population died out by the time Ó hEachthianna arrived.

+The remaining faries quarrled furiously with eachother and fought often. After the magic surge and flooding, they were forced to re-settle above ground where they were subjected to attacks by the infamous Balrogs and Angels who captured fairies and used them for slaves.

The fairies asked Ó hEachthianna for help in exchange for the land. Ó hEachthianna agreed, and a good peaceful outcome came- The high level archmages defeated the Balrogs and fought off the angels. They pushed back sharenian enemies while incoming Innisfailians arrvied and constructed the new city. After the inspection was complete, it was determined that the magic down in the swamps was too intense for any humanoid to survive, and had to live at an elevation where the energy would reach them at safe levels. By 1285, the city was established, and Ó hEachthianna named it ellinia, after the late Innisfail princess Ellinia Faolain.

By 1290, the settlers fully adapted to the magic radiation and Ellina prospered. In 1312, the archmages dug a hole through the massive rock plateau separating the forests from the ocean, and the first version of a seaport was constructed, with a giant stairwell stretching from the tunnel 2500 feet down to sea level. In 1320, Avon Ó hEachthianna, daughter of Alio and Alia, issued a ‘return’ call to all the magicians living in villages in western Victoria, ordering them to move to Ellinia. All the villages denied and were ‘expelled’ and seen as a different ‘nation’ by the Ellinia magicians.

1720. Dutch explorer Allan Von Kerning’s expedition hit the shores of Naples Valley. The Dutch explorers moved inland and estableshed Fort Kerning ( the fort is now a well-preserved heritage site near City Hall). Von Kerning staked out the entire valley as his own, and for decades brought in thousands of settlers from many countries in Europe. The hordes of immigrants included the groups of religious extremists such as the Amish and other hardcore groups.
Dsiputes and conflicts broke out accross the valley, even minor wars broke out. Von Kerning ended all this by giving them land in the Kerning Mountains and good farmland in Naples Valley. The tall mountains isolated these groups from the rest of the settlers under Von Kerning’s juristiction. The Amiish, Mennonites, and other groups established two towns which would serve as nexus points for all religious people to carry out trade, etc.
Westborough was established at the foot of Mt. Hakkenshleimer, 20 miles southwest of Kerning. The town of Salem, a predominantly Mennonite/Amish town was set up further in the mountains in an isolated valley. Roads were set up to connect the Amish’s farmland out in Naples Valley and the two religious towns.

Unfortunately, Von Kerning was not aware of the magician settlements in the region he gave to the evangelicals, and they clashed furiously with the magicians. Entire magician settlements were raided and burned to the ground and the magicians themselves were burned alive. One mage escaped and met with Von Kerning five weeks later.
The mage told him that the magicians would pull out and informed him everything about their need for magic energy and where in the area magic deposits were. Von Kerning agreed and dispatched armes into the ‘Religious Zone’ as he called it. Their mission was to extract the magicians and relocate them northward by Mount Kankoku. The operation resulted in a bloody disaster as the religious people fought them bitterly, even though they were aware that Von Kerning’s soldiers were to take the magicians away.

Evengelical bishop Lord Afkirk responded to VK’s demands with a vehement rejection- he argued his religous claim that magicians were ungodly vermin and they should be destroyed. For 50 years the conflict waged on until Von Kerning called it off. He found out that all of the magicians were slaughtered and completely wiped out. These facts did not aid Von Kerning nor his successors in the future in talks and negotiations with the leaders of Ellinia.

Henesys’ encounter with magicians first occured when Justice Arrow troops accidently discovered a settlement in 1780. The JA were thick in their war to eliminate the Sharenian tribes, and the settlement which looked like a fort made the ruling Jalonska family uneasy. For months, JA troops were sent to spy on and survey the magicians. One ranger, Brian Alyth was ambushed by Sharenians during a spyjob on the magicians. The mages fought off his would-be captors and saved his life. Alyth, however suffered severe injuris and the magicians took him in. In his report to the Jalonska family, Alyth mentioned every detail and word of wonder and amazement when he described the magicians. He also wrote extensively on oppertunities for trade and friendship. Alyth went back and forth between Henesys and the settlement (280 miles apart). He fell in love with a magician woman and pledged to marry her.
Alyth returned to Henesys with a magician delegation a year later, and that’s when the Jalonska family made the fateful decision.
Reports and words of horror and terror had already spread among the people of Henesys, and when Alyth returned with some magicians, the group was attacked and captured. Within the day, all of them were burned alive. One magician escaped by teleporting nearly 20 miles, taking with him Alyth’s reports. The reports are stored in an archive at Ellinia Library.

For the next few centuries as purebloods and magicians developed their cities and towns, groups quarrled with eachother on a frequent basis. Despite all of the developments from then to the present, anti-magician attitudes only increased in the newer generations of purebloods.

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