Well hi there T.T . I decided to make one of these MMOid thingies just for people who i mihgt know and who care about the crap I do on my day to day basis : D

3 thoughts on “Howdy”

  1. sorry to be blunt but this isnt a blog. its basically one of those myspace ‘wat im doing/feeling atm” things

    pelase make a blog =( not to be rude or anything


  2. Do you know me?

    Nah, J/K

    Dee has a point try looking at other blogs to see what she means. *Points towards his bog*

    Other than that. . . Welcome to MMOT.

    I am Nassanei, I comment on stuff *drools*

    Fun fact: I’m on the computer! OMG NO WAI!

    ~Nass~ <<<<———-GET A SIG

  3. . . . Dood, that was a most succinct explanation of what MMOt is all about.

    ‘Cept you don’t reaaally have to tell us, cause we’ve been doing this for nearly two years. >.>

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