MapleSAP Special: Magicians

Since Northern Markets is at the part about magicians, i figured I’d run a special about magicians themselves to give ppl a better view of the magicians in Victoria.

MapleSAP Special: Magicians 00

“…Magic Junkies..coming out in theaters this Friday!..”
“The magician students in our school have all been involved in this gothic-anti Christ like cult which is targeting pureblood students at school and in the community. The police have confirmed that they all conduct illegal forms of magic…including witchcraft, which is the use of magic against humans, animals, or property…”
“…used their magic and tainted other students cloths, and food with dangerous magic radiation….”
“…study says it all…accross Kerning City from Naples to Yahzou, magicians are 78% more likely to drop out and become addicts…”
“…girl was rushed to hospital with severe magic burns after she was attacked by a group of magicians outside Westborough High School…”
“…have caused blackouts and power outages before, costing customers and Westview Hydro severely…”
“…dangerously transmitted magic energy to other people, causing them to sieze up…”

The media says it all. Magicians are evil, juvenile delequents who threaten pureblood society. All out criminals who’s livlihood is based on making our lives miserable. For years, media groups have defamed the magician community, along with religious and other social groups. Purebloods hardly developed a way to fairly deal with magicians for a win-win outcome, and so this is people’s reaction: By publicly and politically persecuting magicians and making them look as bad as hackers and other criminals. In parts of Kerning City, magicians have already been pushed to a second class quality of life.
Leader of the conservative party John Smithe has openly slandered magicians during public debates, and still won his seat and represents the Westborough area, and towns around, including the hot spot town of Sallem.
In his latest speech, Smithe held the press conference outside the church at Westborough, and painted the most devious, but convincing portrait of magicians a hate monger could create. In short, Smithe told his listeners, and people watching the community channel that magicians were dangerous criminals who could sicken you with one touch. He tells us that magicians forsaken the high morals that the people of super religious Westborough uphold, and compares the average magician to the average crack addict, sex fiend, thief, and murderer.

Smithe’s actions, however did not go unnoticed by the magician community. A group of magicians from Salem went to Westborough High School and attacked Smith’s 17 year old daughter, causing her severe magic burns. Even though they played into their hands and cemented Smithe’s anti-magic views, this documentary is not to insult the magician community, but to explore the history and heritage of the magicians, and how past conflicts have resulted in today’s growing crisis.
In this series, we will peel back the layers of lies the media has laid on the magicians, and reveal their true position in society, and examine how they have become targeted by hate groups.
Join us as we begin to explore the vast rich magician culture in this latest SAP special!

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  1. Lawls. I would have commented on this earlier, but quoting the synonym of gender went and got me suspended.

    So, I was saying, if they were calling magician theives, wouldn’t that make them, eh, class-confused? :X

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