MapleSAP News Jan 31

MapleSAP News January 31, 2K8

<LOCAL[Kerning City]>
The Kerning City Police’s SWAT teams busted what could have been the biggest terror disaster in Kerning City’s history.

Yesterday afternoon, the KCP acted swiftly on a tip and stormed the QiangKang building in Chiangi Square, just accross the Janzsoon River, and discovered several thousand pounds of radioactive hackium powder. More than 25 men and women, all who were hackers, magicians, or Permanoobs were arrested and many more were detained.
Among the radioactive items discovered, the SWAT found stock piles of weapons, pre-made Arrow bombs, magic explosives, and poison gases. According to articles siezed from the suspects’ homes accross Kerning and Yazhou, the suspects plotted to set off more than 50 dirty bombs throughout the Naples Valley, mainly in districts and towns containing right-wing pro JA populations. The biggest hit was planned in the small city of Westborough, which is believed to be the Justice Arrow’s center of operations and the core center for all of the antagonistic religions.

According to the KCP and MBI, if the 35 bombs were all detonated at the Great Cross center in Westbrough, more than 100,000 people would be affected with a 90% death rate. Other target areas included the JA owned warehouse in Naples, and even the Masteria Light Union in New Leaf City. The secone biggest hit was scheduled for the Great Mass this coming Sunday in Kansas Town. According to the MBI spokesmen, a two month investigation was the work resulting in this bust. The spokesman also went on to say that many more suspects were grief-stricken KCP officers who want revenge for the JA’s series of assaults earlier this month that left more that 61% of KCP cops dead.

According to the suspects, the operation was clearly an act of revenge, not only for the JA and their allies’ reign of terror, but for the Panquilia tragedy as well. In all, more than 7000 were killed. The act was also a move to drive out the JA and send a strong message to religious groups everywhere.

MBI terror experts who analyzed the plan have estimated that more than 10,000 people would have been killed.
“This plan was not solely aimed at the religious groups and the Justice Arrow; it was aimed at everyone who shares those common moral views against the ‘AHMP’ population. [Azn, hackers, magicians, permanoobs]. They are enraged over the loss of life the AHMP people have seen, and want the [bad guys] to suffer the same or greater amount of loss. It is a shot-for shot deal but on a massive scale. Too many innocent lives would have been lost, even though the AHMP have suffered many casualties themselves. Had those bombs went off, it would turn an already bleak situation into something much worse.”

The returning units of the Maple Peace Corps may be called to duty again as the Kerning City council plans to vote on declaring marshal law in the region. Critics argue that the terrorist act wasn’t locally planned. They claim the KCP and MBI are not diclosing evidence that mages in Ellinia may be behind the plot. When asked, the spokesman said,
“It is unclear wether or not Ellinia is involved. To point fingers at this point would serve only to stir up the political tension between Ellinia and Kerning,”

Regional [Victoria]
[Archmages’ arrival stirs up alarm in Ellinia]
Every three to five years, the archmages and bishops return to Ellinia as do other 4th jobbers from Victoria. For everyone it is a time of rejoice and celebration, and the elite can see their families and peers again for 1-2 weeks before they set out again. The last homecoming took place in 2006, and the Ellinia council planned the next one for this October during the Blue Moon phase.
Last week, archmages returned home in greater numbers, and continue to arrive each time the Minerva II landed at Victoria Station. However, rather than excitement, the atmosphere was filled with unease, tension, and alarm, what with so many high levels arriving unexpectedly. The locals have already heard the news about the strife in Kerning city, and the Justice Arrow’s campaigns in north/west Victoria, and seeing the arch mages back home has given them a big sense of alarm. MapleSAP’s Budweiser was in town to report:

“Anger, bitterment, fury, rage, lust for vengence are the only things that can be read on the silent Archmages’ faces as they dis-embarked the Minerva II and boarded the bus or walked into town. Everyone knows or has been educated on the immense destructive power these arch mages can wield, and with the call for their sudden return, people put two and two together and say that the arch mages are home in preparation for war. As the arch mages walk the streets, younger magicians; even the general public will dash out of their way as they pass. The awesome gear they wear, and the fearsome staves and wands they hold are enough to scare the pants off the younger ones. The Ellinia Senior Council has issued orders last month for all of the city’s high mages to return home. the orders were issued in wake of the JA’s attack on the Moongrass village, the closest magician settlement to Henesys.
After last weeks disasterous talks in Lith Harbor, the council has informed the public of the situation, and has told them ‘the possibility of war is at hand,”

[Alliance rejects JA & policies]
Stormwind, EK, Azeroth
The government of Stormwind; the core of the Alliance sent the 15 bow masters from Henesys packing last week.
The JA’s activities in the Eastern Kingdoms have done nothing more than to cause more trouble among the races and classes of people who make up the Alliance pact. The JA, who had leased an office building in Stormwind, and set up a base outside Moonbrook in southern WestFall, were all stripped of their permit to operate and ordered to leave. They were deported to international terminal in the Outlands and sent on an express flight to Orbis. Upon arrival at Orbis Station, all bowmen were arrested and face multiple charges. An Alliance diplomat who accompanied the prisoners has openly slammed MapleWorld for allowing an organisation such as the Justice Arrow to function.
Klein Blitzford, a diplomat for the Alliance (who is on the team of people who hold talks with the enemy Horde pact) requested a press conference. Media outlets such as MapleRadio, KLON, SingaTV, MHK, MBC and K-WAA were present to hear Mr. Blitzford’s scathing comments on our government:
“…we have a large list of enemy organizations at home in Azeroth who defy the Alliance and continue to operate as they will, bringing harm to us all in any way they can. Organizations such as the Defias Brotherhood, and the Venture Company just to name two, are a constant thorn in our backsides. The Defias Brotherhood have caused an ongoing economic and food crisis after they razed Westfall farms to the ground and destroyed the town of Moonbrook. Our forces stationed at Sentinel Hill aren’t enough to stop the DB. Your country’s Justice Arrow demonstrates all properties of a terror group and must be stopped. They have caused quite some unrest in Stormwind, and nearly caused a crisis that threatened the fragile stability between us and the Horde….”

during their time in Azeroth, the JA allegedly defeated the Defias Brotherhood and mislead the guards at Sentinel Hill into declaring south west WestFall no longer dangerous. While the town of Moonbrook was brought back to life by a new JA approved population of humans, SI:7, the alliance’s intelligence service, investigated and found that the JA have banded together with the DB. During their few years, the JA executed many mages and other non-humans, and spread their religious views around. The councils of IronForge, and Exodar became enraged with the JA’s targeting of young dwarves and draeni. The 68 burnings of night elves at Moonbrook hasn’t helped either. Ogrimmar, the orc and Horde capital accused the Alliance of various things including stockpiling weapons.

Alliance soldiers and other level 70 fighters stormed Moonbrook yesterday, killing Defias personnel, arresting JA bowmen, and detained the town’s population. JA bow master Ryan Exeter, level 120, and two of his senior JA officers were not deported. Instead they were imprisoned in the Stormwind stockade, and face multiple charges. Orbis has requested that Stormwind deport the officers (Exeter is wanted on charges of slaughtering magicians), but Stormwind refused and may request extradition of four of the bowmen.
Blitzford also said that because the charges are so high, it is very likely that all of the JA members will face the death penalty.
Before ending the press conference, he added another detail: The Justice Arrow crippled Stormwind’s near-successful effort to forge a freindship with the Sin’dorei (blood elves) and help them resolve their conflict with the night elves. A report from SI:7 (which is being analyzed by the MBI) claims there are more JA rangers wreaking havoc on Sindorei settlements in Eversong County, EK.

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Jalonska on Azeroth, and Orbis’ reaction.
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