Somg Zunflower!

Combat Arms had a patch today.
The only thing I could do was… Flash games.
GMS was too boring. Combat arms was having a patch and my stupid Vista won’t let me play Mabinogi or Audition.
I had to play some wolfteam… I haven’t played in a while now.
Wolfteam is another FPS game. I think the controls are more smoother than combat arms.
Since I haven’t played in a while, I didn’t have that much skill.
So I got owned. D:

I logged in MMOTMs after a while and played on my characters.
David came on to S*** ***N the server and I was sad D:
David said the server will be on for 5 minutes in channel 2, because it’s 4x experience there.
Then it changed to 0x experience. I’m not a hundred percent sure why, but it was pretty fun.
I don’t know why I continued training.

Oh, I forgot to talk about my Sunflower. One out of ten sunflowers survived. Funny how 10 was planted but one sprouted
I was sad, but this is like the first sunflower that lasted more than two weeks. A year ago the sunflowers that grew were smashed by some rain (Yes, I blame you Alice! ).
I’ll post a picture of the sunflower later… But I’m too lazy right now.

First picture – When David turned the experience rate to 0x. D:
EDIT – The picture was cropped since the size was 154,000 bytes. T_T

15 thoughts on “Somg Zunflower!”

  1. Combat Arms is the pwn.

    Add me. Me, Naz, Dest, Guo, and other MMO people are planning to make a clan.

    IGN: “mrSPADE”


  2. Lol, I suggested the 0x experience.
    It’s cause David said it’d be on for 5 more minutes since it was 4x.
    Then Trev asked if it would be on for 20 minutes if it was 1x.
    So I said I wanted a 0x channel

    Btw, my Heal damage owns your Genesis. Gtfo my Himes map

  3. Oh, and if you play WolfTeam you had to have played Rakion at some point.


  4. If you’re talking about growing sunflowers in rl . . .

    I tried like over ten plus seeds . I bought this packet and simply scattered them around . Only two grew ):

  5. WishList said: “Genesis has a larger range than heal, and I can kill himes one shot anyway.

    Heal + Booster = 5x faster than genesis.

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