Meido! Or…

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Well, I’ve decided to come back!

Well, you can see my IGN is Meido, but I know most of you guys.

I’m Zhlon!

Really, I am.

And Zhlink and I have something we need to tell ya’ll.

We’re not really brothers and sisters.

Another Surprise!

Cuz in school, we always call each other Kor(Brother) and Sister(Zhlink just makes fun of my name for this part. Geez. -_-), and the whole class also addresses us as ‘The brother and sister’. So yea.

I have my own younger brother, and Zhlink has his own older brother, so once again, no blood relationship between Zhlink and me.

Okay, let’s move on to MMO related topics!


So, me and Zhil and a few other friends went to a Lan gaming center, just to play Gunz for kicks.

I got raped by Zhil each time I faced him. He dagger train’d me almost everytime, and down I went.


So, just to get revenge, I went to get my Maxwell lvl 18 rifle and Rocket Launcher out of the weapon closet.

Round 2!

We were playing attack and defend in the mansion, and I waited at my side. And there you had it, Zhlink was charging at me. I backed up, and started spraying me rifle at him. So he dashed back into a corner.

So now, It was something like this:


Geez, it’s hard to explain cuz we went to a LAN. No pictures to celebrate me win! Dx
So, it was a L-shaped corridor, Zhlink was not hiding behind the corner, and I was at the end of the other side.

I threw a smoke grenade at him. So a nice cloud was seen.

Zhlink: Oh, c’mon.

Then I threw a flashbang into the smoke. He didn’t see it.


Zhlink: What th-

And I rushed, dagger lunged, and started spraying with me rifle. When he almost recovered, but wasn’t dead yet, I tumbled back, pulled out my Rocket, and shot.


Zhlink: No way.

First time he was killed by a rocket like that.

And it was one of the few rare time I beat him as well.

Maybe I’m really that bad.

Non MMO stuff now!

Recently, at school, there was a fund-raising event. Different events were held throughout the school to raise funds. Zhlink asked if I wanted to walk about, but I refused, cuz. . .

Half an hour later, Zhlink went ot the field, and saw me sitting on top of a dunking machine.

He pointed at me, laughed really loud, went up to the event helper, placed a $5 in the helper’s hand, and said:
“Gimme them balls.”

Zhlink had 5 tries. 4 failed. I was giggling. He was going:


And he thre the last ball.

And missed.

Then, I laughed real hard, lost me balance, and fell in the pool anyways. We stared at each other, laughed, and he helped me out.

Anyway, That’s all for now. Those who don’t believe that I’m Zhlon, PM me what you want Zhlon to say. I’ll PM you back with Zhlon.

Man, I love doing ‘s.

14 thoughts on “Meido! Or…”

  1. , yeah it’s fun isn’t it.

    And I never even knew you guys were related. Cool. =]

  2. I KNEW IT!
    And I suppose all the fan fics on these sites are stolen from famous authors
    and all these blogs are made by robots
    Except I’m the only one, I’m the only real blogger on this site
    OMG /diesfromshock

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. Lol, my first experience with a dunking machine: I had 3 tries. I failed all 3. But at the last ball, the ball hit the wall, zoomed back, and hit the girl on the head, so she fell in


  4. Flashbang ftw

    Looool, at first, I didn’t know flashbangs could hit your teammates, so I’d throw them into groups of people thinking it’d only blind the opponents. (Yeah; that’d be really cheap.)
    And then one of my flashbangs blew up in my face, and I was like “… hosht”

  5. wow. i didn’t just think you were brother and sis. i thought you were twins . . . 😐

  6. Actually, we didn’t wanna fool you guys, but Zhlink and I tought it would be fun and all. . .
    Sorry about fooling you guys-

  7. MataHeil, I never died like that.
    It was always spraying straight at my face, then I’d get up and raep them bad.
    Never a rocket in my face.

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