Rakion’s Flaws

About a quarter of the players in Rakion are 7 years old.
After a game (8 vs 8), at least 2 people on the other team is laughing their butts off about how they owned you.
Guess what? No one cares. No one was owned, this game is meant for fun.
They continue laughing and calling you a noob, while you quit the game to join another.

Rakion also lags.
You can’t join a normal room without having to join and try 10 others.
Also, while you are inside the game, some laggy player is going to come in and start teleporting everywhere.
I don’t really mind the lag, but when there’s too many lagging people, you are forced to leave the room. ._.

About two months ago, one in five rooms had a hacker in it.
Also, chances are that the hacker is about 7 years old…
Once I joined a room with two hackers… One hacker tried to make a truce with the other.

Well, that’s basically the three major reasons why I quit rakion. :/

I played for about 30 minutes. And then I quit again..

9 thoughts on “Rakion’s Flaws”

  1. Neh.
    The hackers haven’t really left. Like half of all 1-10 games have a hacker in it.

    Also, you forgot the PU/Cash whores.

  2. But:
    Basic Mode has no stats, eliminating the PU/Cash whores
    11-30 and above have much fewer hackers
    11-30 and above have slightly fewer immature people
    /kick the laggers
    /kick the hackers, though they tend to have anti-kick nowadays
    /kick the sore losers if you’re the master
    Boss and DM give less EXP, so less attractive for hackers and such
    And the gameplay really isn’t that bad.

    Also, about the

    You can’t join a normal room without having to join and try 10 others.

    Did you try the connectivity fix?

  3. Darkwar4ever said: “/kick everyone.

    If it exists, I’ll play.”

    One person in the game is the master.
    The master gets to /kick #
    Then everyone but the master and the kicked person gets to vote whether to kick him/her or not.
    When everyone votes or a minute passes, the person gets kicked if there are enough votes in favor.

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