[Entry Number 2] Level 68, 56.23%

+ Sapphiru
+ Warrior – Fighter
+ Bera
* = Note at the bottom.

June 24th, 7:33 PM.

[Entry Number 2] Level 68, 56.23%

Mr. Alli is mean. Mean, mean, mean! Okay, so I looked away for, what, a few seconds? And then the next thing I know, I’m back in town and down some percent. I lost experience. And this was during the time that the gods granted us double experience! I could have gotten to 75 or 80 % today, had I not fainted. It’s un-fair. I guess that was his way of saying: “Keep focused” or “Keep your eye on the ball”… but, still. Couldn’t he have cut me some slack? I’m tired. Yesterday was my first day of work, and today I was doing even more work, all around Ariant. …Of course, that was volunteer work, so I guess I should stop pushing the blame off of myself. And, a few of them did give me experience. One of them even asked me to steal something from the palace… (geez, that was tough. I got caught twice during that!) Well, at least because of Mr.Alli being so rich, everytime I defeated him and his friends, he would given me a hefty lump of cash. The same thing for the Panda’s. I also found a few equips today, which I ended up selling to Lan Ming. He’s a nice person…

Oh, and my guild. My guild today was a mess. x_x; I don’t like a lot of people there. =( I’m only staying for T.K., because he’s so nice. He doesn’t deserve a lot of the mean things or all the stress that people put on him today. A lot of them are very, very rude too. Then again, I wasn’t so nice to some of them, either. But I couldn’t help myself after a while, they pushed me to my limit and I got angry… eventually I even apologized to T.K. to which his response was a “Thanks”, and then “Don’t apologize”. I got even more confused and eventually just gave up. I’m tired of figuring things out, at least for today.
Oh, and not to mention, when I was sparring with Mr.Alli, some random person came into our place and asked me to go to another field.* I screamed at him. I actually think I remember the exact words: “EXCUSE ME. I WAS HERE FIRST.” He replied with a: “STFU” …I paid no attention to that, though. If Dances with Balrog has taught me anything, it’s that patience comes with being a Warrior. After he said that, I went on: “I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU COMING INTO MY MAP/FIELD.” And then he de-famed me and left.

Today was not a very good day for training, much less communication at all. At least I helped a lot of the civilians of Ariant, though.

Oh, another thing: Does anyone know how much a Dark Scroll for Cape for Intelligence goes for? It’s a 30%, and I’m trying to make more room in my bag. Help would be appreciated!

[*For the sake of keeping this “more realistic”, I meant “CC plz”. I cannot say that, though, so I switched it for “another field”. Sorry if that confuses.
** Sorry if this post was crappy in comparison to the first. Maple was “a bad day today” and I needed to rant and get it out somehow.
***Fainted Meaning died.]

4 thoughts on “[Entry Number 2] Level 68, 56.23%”

  1. Lol. Because Dances with Balrog teaches patience, therefore warriors have skills like Berserk. . .? XD

    Nevertheless, interesting blog. ^^

    Which reminds me that I haven’t explored Ariant. Hm.

  2. You may want to, there are quite a few quests.

    And yes. To learn berserk, you must have patience, yes? Think of it as, built up patience turned to pent up anger.

  3. True that. I thought they just go craaazy with Berserk. Somehow the warriors in Maplestory seem more brute strength and fury than graceful swordsmen to me. XD

  4. Cape for intels are, expensive as hell. Don’t sell it to those pesky merchants though.

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