Hey Mr. Spaceman

Blogging from Europe:

Well I thought I’d blog a bit since it’s been over a year since my last blog, I remember the time I’d play maple for hours after hours doing nothing but train. I suppose this is kinda a rant .
I’m turning 17 next wednesday and to be honest I don’t get what has happened to maple in the 3 years i’ve been playing this game. I come from a time; if I remember right when 3 years ago having 1 million mesos was considered much.
You were special if you had NX, especially in the Netherlands where you’d need your dad’s creditcard to charge nx , where hacking was too easy but no one did care that much yet. I’ve seen khaini change from newest server with friendly people to money grubbing (ex-)hackers with too much money… I knew the times where we’d just be happy with any patch we got instead of blaming Nexon for some patch that is somehow to be considered not good, or not fun.
It almost seems as though Nexon started to get greedier every year, I suppose it’s how you look at it. After all it still is a free game, people sometimes tend to forget that concept. But I must say some of the things Nexon did I don’t agree about. Like Gachapon and weddings (?).

Which brings me too another part of maple; Love. I know how you could like someone’s character over the internet, but saying I love you to someone over the internet still seems pretty strange to me . I’m not saying I didn’t do it, I guess I’ve changed a bit over the years. But after all it is just an online game.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not about “flaming” people and I’m not pointing at anyone but I just wanted to relieve some maple stress .

About the title: I was listening to The Byrds when I wrote this (yesh I’m a sucker for the 60’s ).

Anywayz thanks for reading I guess