Well that sucks.

Ok. I’m back.

I guess a two month break was good enough.

It felt longer though. Like on a scale of one day to ten years, it would be forever.

I am re-addicted T_T;…stupid MMOT is like digital crack.

So, I just found out TODAY that there was some mass outbreak of guild hacks.

Funny enough…I don’t care

I logged onto Keten, “Your guild has been disbanded.” Hilarious that the guild leader is getting that message. HILARIOUS, and so ironic.

Well I haven’t played Maple since the beginning of spring semester, so emotional attachment was pretty much none. It just gave me another reason to hate Nexon. I think I’ll drop Mabinogi now, too. Nexon fails hard at everything they do, end of story.

See, Nexon? This is what happens when you fork out all of your expenses to hire second-rate graphic designers to create second-rate cash shop items, instead of paying techs to develop an anti-hack program that ACTUALLY WORKS. A new patch comes out and is then bypassed a DAY LATER by hackers, showing how much effort you REALLY put into protecting your game. And I’m glad that a bunch of packet-editing trolls got together and kicked your ass for it.

Whoo, felt good to get that out.

This is really awesome, btw.

So while I was submitting my ‘ticket’ to customer support, I stumbled upon one of my old tickets I had sent in on 10/20/07 about a hotkey issue I was having.

I got a response 2/08/08, FOUR MONTHS LATER, saying the following:


Thank you for reporting this issue. Be assured will look further into this case and hopefully form a resolution quickly. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Sincerely, GMKaiserDragon.”

…Are these guys REALLY human?

They send me a response four months later, when I don’t even care anymore, telling me that they hope to have it solved quickly.

Seriously, I give up with Nexon. I’m selling all my crap on Maple, and then trading the mesos for Gaia gold on Ebay.

Other things I would talk about if this blog wasn’t already as long as longcat:

-How I suck at Wii golf.
-How I want spring semester to be OVEEER.
-How I was in an awesome accident on the highway.
-How Italian water ice is better than sex.
-How MMOT is better than Italian water ice, which is better than sex.
-How Dest is a pervert (not really a new issue).
-How cell phone texting is fun as hell.

Ok, so I have a bacterial infection in my eyes, and it hurts to look at bright glowing things, so I’m gonna stop now.

15 thoughts on “Well that sucks.”

  1. What’s Italian Water Ice? O_o

    *pounce* Vicey~

    Eheh, just read the Sleepywood rant. It is kinda awesome, though I wasn’t quite sure at some points whether it was being serious or sarcastic. ‘Not ban people with NX’ ?

  2. Angsty Twelve year olds?

    I used to be twelve! Now I’m thirteen!

    Although I think almost EVERYONE used to be twelve on this site.

  3. xXyZaThEx said: “So it wasn’t boodgye for good?”

    It would have been, if I wasn’t randomly bored yesterday and hadn’t randomly stumbled upon MMOT which randomly re-addicted me right on the spot. Random

    Silver . . . has never had water ice? T__T; you are missing out! It’s like a snowball, except actually worth the money!

    xXyZaThEx . . . I joined when I was 16, but I’m still less mature than some 13-year-olds. Nothing to be ashamed of D:

  4. A snowball. . . like, ice balls? >_o

    *Googles it* Ohhh. That. Nope, haven’t had them. ^^;

  5. The guy who made that rant on Nexon got permanantly banned lulzorz.

    Hey Vicelin.


  6. Thank you. . .

    I’m just sick of seeing everyone going “r u 13?”

    My ranks in the Skills(everything) feat are undoubtedly much higher than theirs. Except lose my life to a video game. (Which surprises me either, despite the fact that I game so much. I don’t really have friends through the virtual world, except the ones I help out, or the ones that give me good games. Which are only in MMORPGs and Warcraft 3. My friends in RL make up for that. =3. Yes, they’re awesome. And large in quantity.) Beat THAT you filthy stereotypers!

    Now, that rant didn’t make much sense. I never did excel at Persuasive essays. Mostly because I see both sides of every argument.

  7. Silver~ TRY IIIT!

    Dest~ Really? That’s just silly. Banning him because he’s right? For some reason, whenever I think of Nexon, a picture of Bill Gates pops into my head.

    Oh, yea. *Poke*.

    xXyZaThEx~ it made sense to me, but probably because I have so much experience with writing unmerciful/venemous “FAK YOUUUU!” rants ^^;

  8. Dest1 said: “I looked at all his posts and I noticed he did rAnTs!1one!11”

    But at least they make sense


  9. r u 13?


    Haha! My smexiness brought Vicelin back! 4ever! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  10. FunnyFroggy said: “r u 13?


    Haha! My smexiness brought Vicelin back! 4ever! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!”

    No my smexiness >O

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