Hello folks…Hows ya day been?

Anyways,this past couple of days,i have been completely addicted to basil.

I dont know why,its so interesting..Seriously…I spend more time on basil than i do than actually playing maple 😮

Surfing items,bidding,sniping nooby auctions,and getting negative feedback *stares off dreamily and looks at his TV which is playing the grammys’.


How the money making agenda surrounds us.

I am usually surreptitiously seduced by the foxiness of basil.

Watching all these items and checking prices really help in-game. For instance,it helps you to make quicker trades and completely scam noobies.


I have been really trying to get rid of this basil addiction but i want those mezars!

Anyways,in other news….I met thaijjang…I think hes some rank 4. in Broa.

I would have uploaded pics but its on my other computer. Dont worry…ill edit this blog and show ya guys.

Anyways,i even talked to loopedd and he told me that he didnt care that he was no.1

Yeah..I know…weird. Very weird.

[Does anyone still believe that guy has a life?]

Currently listening to : Stronger by Kanye west..[Yes,he is performing on the grammys’ right now.]

He and his weird jaw.

Anyways, i have decided to completely rid this awful habit of SHOUTING while im studying for no apparent reason.

Sometimes i even spread my legs out and pretend im playing a guitar.

And i said loopedd has no life -_-

Anyways,thats about it,folks!

Cya later



7 thoughts on “bid!!!!!”

  1. I used to be on Basil all the time when I was at America. After I left America, my interest for Basil decreases. So I didn’t care if my account was banned or not.

    I spammed, flamed, made up lies..
    lololol fun times.

    Then my account got banned for fake trades.

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