So you think PK is all to the game eh???

Ahh, my very first blog
But I’m basically going to rant about some stupid thing just so I feel better.
So you know there’s the pvp fame thingy right? Well, I’m a Full Support assist so no duh I won’t have a pvp title. But one egotistic kid came up to me today and was bragging that he was [Outlaw] (The title for Acrobats). So I don’t know why but he wanted to fight me… knowing I would do 0’s to him because I only have 15 str… I declined his duel challenges… BUT, he KEEEEEPSSS challenging like 100 times, so I just accept so he’ll stop. No doubt beats me in like 2 junk arrows, but what I hate is how he’d brag about being so skillz. He was dissing me because I lost to him in a duel… what the hell! “Wow assists ****, I pwn you” OH MY GOD IT WAS SO ANNOYING!!!. Even when I tried to run away, he stalked me. I went to try and find a party but he kept telling everyone that I was nob, so because of him, I never got invited… That noob wasted so much of my time!
Well anyways, I don’t care if I’ll never get a title. Killing everybody isn’t all to the game…

6 thoughts on “So you think PK is all to the game eh???”

  1. Well he probably didn’t challenge 100 times, but believe me, u would have also been driven crazy. Serious though, some people just get their fun by “owning” others in a free online multiplayer role playing game,

  2. It isn’t. I’m an acro and only got my [Rogue] title cause some idiot noob level 16 mercanary challanged me with like, 15 requests. Accepted and pwned him. He challenged me again, saying it was a fluke. And I beat him again. Just to show, not all acros=idiots. Just that some idiots=acros. Anyways, I feel sorry for you. *cheers*

    Oh yeah, longer blogs pl0x.

    ~*insert sig here*

  3. Sorry, I didn’t mean that Acrobats are dumb. I just mean the dumb people who think PVP fame = uber skillz and then they start dissing me because I can’t get fame
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make it longer next time

  4. D: Sounds like a jerk to me. <3 assists. I have like five. Well, no, but I would if I didn’t have sane friends who keep me from creating several assists.

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