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Hi, I’m back from a long hiatus. Many of you probably don’t know me, as I wasn’t too famous. :/

Anywho, I was randomly browsing on basil, looking for interesting threads, when I came across this thread, thinking that it would be some stupid child asking for online currency. I clicked in to read the flames [Seriously. That’s what Basil’s all about these days. FLAMES.] But instead, I read about something that I can really relate to. It spoke of old adventures of when he was a newb, and when damage, nx, and fame didn’t matter. Looking back, I realise, that there wasn’t any stress of leveling back when there were only three servers. In fact, I hear that Beta was a lot more fun too.

Nowadays, all we think about in Maple is our damage, our level, our money, our fame, and our NX. I’m asking myself, why don’t I quit? But then again, Why do I play? I’m sure alot of you all ask yourselves these questions when you are stressed in finding a Voodoo map, or just KSed by our friendly neighborhood Dexless Sin.

Nexon/Wizet/Asiasoft or whatever company that does MS should PLACE WARNING ADS like they so on tobacco products. I swear, this game is just as addictive. I don’t know what they do to it, BUT I JUST CANT QUIT D:

Ehh, can’t really think of anything else to add. I hope you enjoyed reading my interior monologue on MMORPGs.

10 thoughts on “MMORPGs, In General”

  1. Because MMOTalers never quit

    they always come back eventually

    Welcome Back,

    I remember you =)

    Edit: This is Waffle, my cousin’s account was already logged in



    yeah i can totally remmber when i started playin at 14. if u lvled in HHG1 like 10 dif ppl would shout ‘CONGRATZ!’
    everyone had fun just messin around and random stalking/spazzing

    now its like ‘LOL U NUB I GOT 20 AT WG U ONLY GOT 5 ATT?1! U SO NUB GG’


    thats why i play private server =)


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