Merchanting Rocks!


The other day I was browsing the Fm for a purple adv cape, and i come across a store selling diamonds for 50k a piece, and i think hey! that’s a great price!
So i buy 80 of them
I make a thread on basil saying that I am selling diamonds in bulk, and to message me on maple right now.

I sell 10 diamonds, and then I get banned.
So.. I make an auction stating that im selling 70 diamonds for 5.25 mil (75k each)
And When I check the next day, I have a bid for 7.25 mil!

So about 5 minutes after the auction ended we both happened to be online, so we make the trade.

About a minute later, when I’m still in the FM, I hear a smega saying ‘NEW GACH RUN, CHEAP PRICES!’
I know the stuff in those stores is usually overpriced, but I check it out. I see a 3 int 6 m. atk purple adv cape for 2.4 mil

I ask the store owner if i can offer. I do so, and eventually I get the price down to 1 Mil!
I buy it.

Now I have 13 mil. and a purple adv cape. =P

3 thoughts on “Merchanting Rocks!”

  1. Lucky duck.

    I royally suck at merchanting. Tried it once and lost 10m – nobody would buy my items, so I ended up being forced to sell them for less than I bought them. >_>

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