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Ok, so I said I was taking a break, this was because of some recent problems. What happened was, as I was training at wraiths, I died 4 times in the period of 2 hours… The problem was that I was losing concentration while training and not watching my hp bar. =_=
After all this I was still around ~ 90% so I leveled after another half hour or so of training, during which I was ksed multiple times by this extremely annoying cleric. If some of you don’t know how to train at wraiths, let me explain. You go around on all of the upper platforms killing until only 1 or 2 wraiths spawn. This causes a HUGE spawn of over 30 wraiths at the bottom, approximately 2% each bottom spawn. Well this cleric, would sit on his chair smiling, and when I had made a huge mob at the bottom, he would proceed to kill it, and then cc to torment another cleric training in this area. When I whispered him why he couldn’t find his own channel, he said “You fat mother playboy sex”

Yeah… so after I leveled, I trained for about another 15%, and then went to see my buddy cycroix, (you may know him as the guy who goes *slaps threadstarter* on basil) He was at hoodoos. I had never been there so i spent around 10 minutes searching through that maze of upside down rooms trying to find him. Eventually I do. =D Hoodoos/Voodoos do about 360 damage to me, and I have about 800 hp. So as not to take away exp from him, I was potting instead of healing, but then I ran out of pots. I never refill on pots because… I’m a cleric =P
So… I die, he takes a SS and posts on profil3.(that cause ALOT of laughs ='( )

Then I go scrounge the FM, for the first time in A LOONGGGG time.
I see an overall dex 10% going for 600k
I think to myself, wow! The average price is 1 mil, only to realise that in my absence from the FM, prices dropped to 300k
Wee merchanting is fun!

Soo… I go back to LPQ, hoping to get some quick exp, seeing as it’s a weekday and usually no one is on during that time. Only to find out spring break started in the US and it’s impossible to get in. Eventually I get a good track, get a party together, and wait it out.
Turns out one of the people in my party was retarded, calling every person who cced into our a channel a “scouter”
causing 5+ parties to figure out that the track must be crack, or else why would she be screaming that one of their members was a scout.
Needless to say we missed.

So……… Yarly
That’s about it.
Oh wait!
I might be getting a free ZHelm soon!

9 thoughts on “Fine!”

  1. -sigh-

    I’m not on spring break until APRIL.

    But since my brother is getting the famous SSBB for his birthday around then, I’m gonna spend all day playing Brawl, over break.

  2. Free Zhelm? Will muffins bring them to you?

    Oh hey, and if you want to heal yourself without hitting anything, you just have to unequip your weapon.

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