FS Assist take two! There is a method?

Hey there Flyff people!
Oh yes I realize now that having a good build is important. People kept asking if my character was actually fs!
The good thing is however that my new character will start the game with a board and money. It’s so hard to buy things when you’re poor isn’t it. Not all fs are poor right? I will just have to ask for the occasional drop, I think. This character will have alot more INT and I’ll use the right skill points! I didn’t realize that some buffs were unessecary. Oh well it’s easy to try again. Sadly enough my other character has lots of friends! Flyff is a fun game but I’m so eager to get to a good level. A minor setback right? It’s best to read as much as possible before creating a character.

Newb not a noob. I’ve been playing this for…errr. 2 weeks?
I posted this in hope of other people not messing up their own characters. It’s easy to do.