Constantly fighting to keep myself going
Dear friend, I haven’t the slightest desire
Keep to myself all the time
Try to avoid all the lines

As You escape from your life
This house becomes hollow
And all we can do is wait
I’ve got my bags and I’ve said my goodbyes

Constantly giving into these moments
That just bring me down
Keeping to yourself is no way to live your life
Cause you keep waiting for someone to save you

Embrace you and take you far away from this place
Sit here and wait for the train to arrive
Running away from so many problems
Just bring me close enough to stay around

When your sky that used to be blue soon fades to the darkest shade of gray
I wont be there to hold your hand
Or to consult you in your darkest times

I wont be there to watch the clouds pass by
Or to count all the stars we see
Confusion and regret linger in your eyes.

Theres a twist to this story
A never ending climax
I find it hard to not care.

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  1. Don’t steal stuff, kid.
    Alvin Maker’s Greensong- The Scene Aesthetic.



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