Enough dagger action, now I throw STARS!

And knives!

And icicle thingys!

And KITCHEN SINK-*CRASH* Er….not anymore.

Anyway, Tninja has now lived even closer to his name by taking a break from his bandityness to take a look at the ranged side of combat. Yes, I’ve tried bowmen and crossbowmen before, and yes, I know I’m only adding to the already outrageous number of sins in the game, but so what? While I do like xbowmen the most, I can’t help but look at assassins fighting in the game and on youtube and think, “man, that just looks so cool.” Plus, I’ve done so well with the bandit, and I do like rogues in general, so why not? Not to mention sins do have advantages over the bowsters. Ultimately, I think it was the fact that I’d found star-weapons as a dit, and after having trouble selling them(odd that >&gt, I was sick of letting them sit around. Thus, SpiderFangX, the sin, is born.

Okay, he isn’t a sin yet. But he will be. He WILL be!

Actually, there’s more to the choice than just liking sins. I’m actually having trouble getting my chief dit farther along the path to shadowerhood. Lately, the best I’ve been able to level on are the voodoos and hoodoos(7% per hour at lv 84). My assaulter is maxed, while my BoT(which clearly should’ve been maxed first from what I’ve seen) is lv7, and ME is lv 2. Plus, I have no idea how to spam meso drops. Basically, I’m starting to wonder if this dit is worth keeping. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up hope yet. In fact, I write this blog in hopes to get some input from fellow maplers as to what I should do to keep the dit on his feet. I really am having trouble; I know I’d rather keep on the *oodoos, but maplers have thrown ridicule at me for training the way I do, and I’m sick of it. I’ve tried some leafre mons and ended up dying twice, costing me 8% overall(amidst beating a quest), leaving him at 70%, which means well over 4 hours of *oodooing to level. Seriously, what should I do? Should I figure out a new plan? Should I prey on those haunted dolls anyway? Has my dit’s time finally come?! =O Any advice is appreciated.

In any case, I won’t be worrying about this too much. For the time being, I’ll be devoted entirely to my sin, going for the actual sin job by the end of March and the hermit class by the end of April. Ambitious? Yes! Crazy? ABSOLUTELY! Possible? Well, if it wasn’t, would I try it? Besides, the game favors ranged chars anyway(I believe the meleers also deserve a CRITICAL HIT SKILL >_&lt and it’s going fast. I’m doing more damage as a sin than i can remember with the dit when he was just a dit. It’s sweet.^_^

So yeah, that’s what’s going on now. Better get going on my lvling if I want to get my goals met, hopefully I’ll become a sin tonight. Kerning pq, here I come! Until next time, happy mapling!

9 thoughts on “Enough dagger action, now I throw STARS!”

  1. Lol, I have an abandoned sin in Windia
    He’s lvl 32 and really at this point my second main!
    Lol, but I forgot that I forgot to delete him but I’m sort of happy I didn’t cause I didn’t decide to make the 3rd char on scania a sin so. . .
    Lol, my rl friend has a sin so I don’t see the point, I’ll just ask him to play someday!
    But I might train him up someday!

    ~LaZzz. . .

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