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Ahh man.

Since my last blog i’ve leveled my crossbow from 55 to 63, and after paying for a z-helm, i now only have about 40m to my name, with the exception of equips and such.

However, right now my priority is hitting 30 with my HP warrior.

HP warriors, for those who haven’t heard of them, are essentially TANKS and a support class for priests. Instead of applying AP to normal stats, HP warriors dump AP into HP. Right now, at 28, as the screenshot shows, i have 7.2k health. that’s more than enough to hang out on deck of a ship to orbis and take (missing) swings at the crogs that show up. It’s actually quite hilarious.

But I digress. HP warriors use the copious amounts of HP along with the skill given to Pages and Fighters, Power Guard, to kill essentially anything they would want to. I’ve seen an HP warrior solo a Jr. Balrog at level 32, which is probably the lowest level that a character has ever killed a Jr. Rog. Power Guard reflects a percentage of damage, so the HP warrior wants to take as much damage as possible in order to deal as much as possible. So we HP warriors run around naked after about level 35.

Of course, as you’d imagine a character with no stats is extremely difficult to level. I found the best way to level was to use exchange quest items to 21, which are relatively cheap, PQ to 30, then use the diamond glitch to get to 35 or so. Of course, all in all this turns out to be very expensive. The exchange quest items necessary to move you up that many levels will probably cost around 8 mil, and then the equipment necessary to PQ (I have a 5 dex 2 slot bandana and a 7 dex 13 acc WG) will probably set you back another 10-15m. The diamonds are also not exactly penny candy; you need 94 diamonds to get from level 30 to 34, and 126 from 30 to 35, which comes out to around 8-12m total for those levels.

Also, for those who don’t know, the diamond glitch is basically the use of diamonds in the sauna quest to obtain the fresh milk as well as 5000 exp, but if you drop the milk you can repeat the quest for an additional 5000 exp and another thing of milk. Essentially, its not really a glitch, but it is a very fast way to peg 5 levels. As you can see by the next screenshot, my diamonds to get me from 30-34 are all in order. All together, that cost me about 7 mil.

DESPITE the large costs inherent in making an HP warrior, you can run off and train on just about whatever high-level monster you please, given you can find a priest willing to help you, which of course is less that difficult to do, given that by level 36 you’ll have around 9 to 10 thousand HP and can get the priest lots of exp both by needing healing and killing, oh, say, Grim phantom watches or Himes. Of course these things all give around 3000 exp a piece, distributed among the party (you and the priest) and you’ll find leveling to be extremely easy from about 35-50. At 50, you get to have even further fun by being able to go on Zak runs and not be a useless meatsack, but instead peg zak for about 3k every two seconds, which is more than respectable for a level 50. Of course, Zak gives OBTUSE amounts of exp, and a single zak run will probably be cause enough to level you. As long as you can find a priest and a DK for the run, you’ll be more than set.

Of course, the best way to go for an HP warrior is a fighter because of Rage. Rage further drops your weapon defense meaning you take even more damage than you normally would, making Power Guard more effective. Also, for all of you that know how an HP warrior works, gratz for reading all this, now go and make one if you haven’t already.

So despite the ramblings, my goal at current is to PQ to 30 with my HP warrior, use diamonds to hit 34, and proceed to wreck everything in sight.

Thanks for reading, comment if you have any questions.

8 thoughts on “HP Warrior Entertainment”

  1. Yay, you can kill the 8k golems in Ludibrum PQ now.

    They drop passes, I’ve heard. o_o;

  2. roflmao maybeh they do, but wats the point of killing em? unless they got glitch exp giving (cool 4m EXP IN ONE PQ ;p)

  3. That’s an awesome semi-guide to the HP warrior. And now that I know about that diamond glitch. . . Diamonds drop like crazy at the Singapore MSEA-exclusive maps, so I have tonnes of diamond ores waiting to be processed. ;D
    But I think I’d rather hoard those for star-stones and sell them for mesos, lulz. Mesos > EXP, that’s usually my guideline for training. I usually just park any low levelled character in Orbis Tower level 10 to generate Tower Scrolls for mesos. Though the levelling is slower, but it’s still quite fast (I have levelled two characters from 1x to 2x) for someone who has a gabizillion characters to chose to train from, and I get a profit. Fwhee~

    Mayhap I’ll make a HP warrior that way, cause they sound interesting. ;D *makes plans to drag an Island’d nub off to Orbis*

  4. HP warriors are annoying
    But on my page I’m getting 1 PG at 31 so I can leech off my friend at Hoodoos.

  5. they do drop passes, but yeah it is completely useless except for like the rombard level

  6. also, if there are any clerics in bera who want to train, find me when im online, i need a cleric buddy BADLY. D:

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