Me versus Mites

‘Kay. This is the story about how I killed all the dust mites at home.
Fine, fine. Mega Man helped a bit too.
So I enter my home, aware that my home is infested with those disgusting things smaller than my fleas.
But before I tell you this story, I must tell you this story.

KPQ. March. Tuesday 11, 2008.
Mmm, Cheesy.
I was KPQing with my recently found friend when she was AFK in stage 1.
I cleared the stage and waited while the other members recklessly rushed in stage 2.
“Click,” says one of the members.
“I can’t click,” I say. “There needs to be all the members in the party in stage 2.”
“Click,” she says firmly.
I instantly knew this was a stupid party member and I had to kick her.
I did something stupid on my part, though.
“If you can’t click, you owe me 5k.” I declared, confident that I was earning 5k.
“‘Kay,” she says.
I make her the party leader. She drops 5k.
My friend comes back from her AFK and comes in stage 2.
“Make me leader,” I said.
“No,” she said.
What was she thinking? Was she mad? Was she power crazy? Or was she just plain STUPID?
The rest of the PQ was blurry, but if my memory serves right, it went okay.
She rushes.
She clicks.
She gets in.
I feel like kicking her face right now, because she’s still not giving me leadership after I ordered her to with my great authority.
Now that I was SURE I hated her, I decided to waste her MP.
Fact : She’s 9 years old.
“Aww, darn it. I need 35!” I yelled in party chat.
“I’ll help you,” she said.
Hehehe. My plan was going well.
(I needed 10. o_o)
She gets me 37.
I drop 27 and she picks it up.
Oops. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
I drop the pass instinctively.
Darn it!
“Sin, you’re going to be kicked next PQ,” she says firmly.
She clears stage.
“Well, since I know my fate, I shall leave. Goodbye.
I leave party. They miss. Whoo! My hands do a little victory dance.
‘Kay. Everyone is mad in the PQ. Maybe even my friend.
Soooo. The magician defames me. The person’s friend defames me.
I logged off after that, wanting to play on my cleric.
I have one last question to ask you…
Wanna trade fame?

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  1. Why do you hafta kick her for and why does she hafta kick you? O_o *doesn’t get it*

  2. That was a good story indeed. o_O

    Sorry I’m just surprised to see a non spam blog from a new member.

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