Back again this time in SCANIA

Ya, so basically i quit for a little while. Played a bit of gunbound,sf,ect
So now Maplestory has me in its grasps again D:
But now im BACK this time in SCANIA!
However I realized that its hard to make buddies D:
Yes its true making buddies is the hardest thing i’ve probably did…
so i am using a shortcut MMOTALES!

So feel free to buddy me or rather guild me also but message me first so I can quit my guild.
I really don’t like my guild as of right now since its really really quiet and no one really talks =(
So a nice talkative guild will be good and don’t worry I’m nice


IGN = farie999
buddy me please

3 thoughts on “Back again this time in SCANIA”

  1. If your Jr/Master in your guild just say *on the notice* LET’S PLAY A GUILD GAME

    Works for me -_-

    Or maybe it’s cause of my dashing looks? *strikes a pose*


  2. Scania! I’m in Scania too sure, I’ll buddy you. My guild is very talkative and nice but the guildmaster recently made if 70+ so if you are, I’ll guild you too

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