Eh So so

Maple Life:
Good yet horrible.
I notice I need a new pot system I used to get 40% heals but now with the lvling and mass training I need more of a % Elixirs are too expensive (obviously) so I might get the 70’s. Might have to gach to get more funs for that
There goes my Zhelm money… I highly doubt I’ll ever get one which is fine (?)
I didn’t get a good % My goal was 50% and my pathetic run to skelegons left me with….0.59 hahah
Lost a good maple friend of 2 years over an immature fight =/ Kinda lame but it’s catching up with me
Maybe dressing up my character like a polar bear would make me feel better haha

Real Life:
No words can describe my depression toward my real life.
My depression (Literally) is catching up with me my mom is putting me back into my therapy. I’ll look forward to the …Ranting I guess but the drilling is prolly going to drive me insane.
My rents (aka parents) well it’s pretty much the same. Cept I’m kinda pushing my mom away which i’ve never done before. Shes usually at the hospital now because my grandmother had a stroke.
My relationship is going pretty good cept we have a little distance between us now I don’t know for how long
I guess I can hold out o.o right? lol Happy non-emo thoughts.

Bright side? :

haha seriously I didn’t know I was going to write this much o_o oops.

3 thoughts on “Eh So so”

  1. I went to a Disneyland on Friday because it was for a band ‘EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIP’.

  2. ShiningWings said: “I went to a Disneyland on Friday because it was for a band ‘EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIP’.

    LOL. I went with my orchestra to Disneyland once. And it rained. So we just got in for free and didn’t have to play. =P

    On Topic: Which world are you in?
    I would gladly donate all my elixers to you (I have over 1k of those 50% types) if you’re in Bera =P
    I don’t play anymore
    And yeah, I’m kinda falling into depression too, my relationshop with my family is . . .not good

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