Awesomness omg :]

Awesome Pure Awesome

YES 110 pure awesomeness
I logged on with 1% and in 4 hours I lvled because of those 2x 4 hour cards in CS.
lvled in 4 hours I’ve never done that before
I got some warrior eqiups (blah) and I sold my kage I’m sad about that …I’ve had that Kage since….78..?
Well this is my baby now

This Is my Baby :3

Made 4m In store today More training money more yay~
Today was good very good
I don’t know If I’m going to train for a while gosh 4 hours with 15m exp @__@ It was crushing

So I passed my excel exam outta 200 questions i missed 5 XD the teacher was nice and cut the questions in half it was supposed to be 500 >_<;;
I got a English poetry exam tomorrow its like 50 questions easy easy
I’m going good at this college stuff ^ ^~
& Work on saturday – sunday

Its raining too! T-T i dunno why….its like 41 outside and its raining really hard and I JUST WASHED MY CAR how !&^!(@& is that…>_<~

Oh well wash it again later

Bye Bye ^^

4 thoughts on “Awesomness omg :]”

  1. Sigh, stupid parents and stupid computer won’t let me play Maplestory even though I only got two Bs D:

  2. Nice, wish my Maple was awesome. I just don’t have the motivation anymore. :'( So repetitive, so boring! Augh,

  3. Excel exam? Like, Microsoft Excel? With funky spreadsheets and stuff?

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