ROLOL Combutt legs.


Anyways, I decided to get hands on with Combat Arms, and to my surprise, I actually liked it. It had nice graphics, good game-play, and a nice variety of weapons and modification sets. This free FPS has a good clan and friend system going so far, (unlike Gunz, where you can’t contact your friends from different servers,) and you can play lots of different modes to mix things up a bit if you’re bored. Basically, Combat Arms is a great game, and if you haven’t played it yet, download it now or I’ll kill yer babies.

So I was getting to know the MMOT people in Combat Arms. Most of them are good. Guppy’s a good sniper, Tarheel’s great with the AK-47, and Naz came very close to winning against me on 1 on 1. So we made teh CLANZORS and everyone’s in it right now, (except Naz. Cause he sucks.) and we’re planning to have a clan war sometime soon. If there’s anyone I didn’t add yet, then just message me in the game or add me yourself. My IGN is “mrSpade”, and my new guy I’m using just to fool around with recruits and trainees is “False”.

Uhm, I’m sorry, but I think Pic #01 is pwnage. 41 kills and 5 deaths? Dude, that’s a beast score. I was on a major rampage during that game. I ran outta bullets for my G36E, so I swapped to my pistol and began to own people, and when I ran outta pistol ammo, I started to own people with my knife. Anyways, a lot of people were flaming at me during the game ’cause I was no scoping them up close.

“wow nub snipieng is 4 far away not up clos u dumb nub”

Meh, pic #02 was OKAY. The reason I have so little kills is because I joined the game late, and the other people could not taste the true power of the ♠ . Anyways, this is on my main account, where I’m a seargant.

Speaking of my main, I was SAVED once I ranked up to a seargant. I didn’t have enough money left to restock on my G36E AND my sniper, so I was left to choose between the either of two, but I found out you get a 3000 GP reward if you get to the seargant rank. Now it wasn’t too bad, I just had to stay up until 3 in the morning to get that extra 2000 GP I needed to get the sniper.

Yesterday, Tarheel, Guo, and I did a 3 v 3 match against random people in Junk Flea and Cold Seed. It was pretty fun. We won all the matches we played, and I think together we made a pretty good team. Surprisingly, Tarheel and I got the SAME exact score for both of the matches we played. Guo was the most sucky one on our team. =) We were planning to vent sometime later, once I get my damned mic that is. . .

Uhm, I should also mention that we need more people in our clan. We have 4 people right now, and Dest is never on, so we practically can never clan war. T_T Wishlist, I know your IGN is “Doodles”, so apply for the MMOTales clan or else! You guys need to stop playing MapleStory and start playing some Combutt legs. D:

Anyways, I’m pretty beast with the knife in Combat Arms. Ask Guo if you want, but I took out 3 snipers with a knife once. The map was in Snow Valley, and they were up near the big hill, sniping across the other side, and I just sneaked/flanked them. They noticed me, and they were trying to no scope me, (when they should’ve taken out their secondary -_-) and I just knifed them to their doom. I wound up getting a multi-kill revenge headshot. ROLOLOL PWN.

Uhhhh, pic #03 shows my newest guy’s KD score. I think it’s pretty decent. But my friend got his KD to a 9.42 , I think. He’s like, a pro. He played Combat Arms for the korean version of Nexon, but he decided to try the American one out, so he could toy around with the noobs. ._. Also, he’s a pirate-class in MapleStory. ):

That’s about it.


15 thoughts on “ROLOL Combutt legs.”

  1. 2.00 is the average kill/death ratio for professionals.
    I think, Well, it is in WolfTeam. 😮
    Your kill/death ratio is aweshum.

  2. Lol, I’m pretty good at shooting games on like xbox and all those systems
    Not sure how I would do on the computer though; probably horrible

  3. Zhlink and I are kinda okay with team battles. Zhlink always goes as a meat sheild while I snipe.
    And he finds it amusing he doesn’t die, and yet gets more kills than me.

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