MMOTPlayground :3

MMOTPlayground is…
-takes a look around-
-checks under beds-
-looks in closet-
-glares into the toliet-
-puts on protective hat-
-Glass shatters everywhere-
-Earthquake begins-
Yay The earth is flarting :3
Anyways yea, sort of started out my MMOTMS day with yelling at Dest about how MMOTMS wouldn’t open and then how it wouldn’t go into windowed mode. Eventually, I had given up on that idea and just goddarn played! So, apparently I was level 15 beginner, in the apple jumpsuit. Dest had me go to Hene…Or did he warp me? I don’t remember :3
There, I found myself amongst the crowd of people who were level 100+, all in their NX clothes.
And I looked at myself, level 15 beginner, in an apple jumpsuit.
I stood out a lot.
So yea, I decided to go kill a snail. Yes, a snail, and after all my hard work of smacking it with a sword over and over, I had leveled to 17 O_o
So Dest put me back at level 1.
I killed a shroom.
Then Dest put me back at level 1 again.
I searched very hard for a green snail, and after 10 minutes, I spotted it.
He slowly slid across the green pastures of Henesys fields. Surrounded by several older and stronger snails, I could tell he was in misery. So I decided to end it.
“GODANG SNAIL! DIE -whacks whack whack-“
Then I was level 10, Yay!
So, I ended up as a thief.
I stayed and Kerning and found myself joined by David.
“…Hi O_o” I said.
Then, I remember that creepy giant old guy appeared.
David had attempted to kill it over and over. It horrified me:
Haha, Someone died :3
Then after he finally killed it, buttloads of money came out. Surrounding us. Then, David had discovered he had finished a quest from that scary fattard:(Look in Chatbox)
That should be it for Kerning :3

Ah yes! I saw the announcement, “ANYONE WANNA ZRUN!?”
Then I thought to myself, “I’m level 43…What will happen? :3”
Then I saw the next announcement, “ANYONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO ZRUN! GO TO CHANNEL 2!”
I thought for a moment, CCed to channel 2, then went back to channel 1.
Immediately I had gone to the FM.
I saw Sashimii waiting for people to come to the Zrun.
“Can level 43’s Zrun?” I asked.
I frowned.
“But I can warp you there.”
Then slowly people began coming. Even Cheeze did.
I looked at everyone around me. They all had NX clothes -.-
“I want NX clothes.” I cried.
Cheezey then dropped NX clothes for me.
Very randomly put together though: Toga :3

Yea, and then off to the Zrun! Yay :3

Took us a while to begin the summoning, and my true name was revealed! I is not mean D:
And then..WE BEGAN!
Where am I?
Yay Darksight :3
Meh, I died.
Still Smexy~


Soon, that was all over and then an NX event started! Yay :3
I didn’t understand why people were saying, “Don’t go to 7.”
So I did
Then I remembered it’s name, “Pianus -snorts-“

I also heard something about a “Frakenstein.”
So I was going through a lot of random portals in search of it.
I found what everyone was talking about, and I saw someone killing it too, who however, I’ve no idea.
Pardon my language TT_TT

After we all had defeated what we could, I decided to wear some of my new clothes!
I’m getting married :]
Ogre Face
Surprise Sashimii

Okay that’s all my pictures :3
I am now like..level 96. It was quite funny.
I was in Perion,as a level 43, killing axe stumps for the heck of it.
Without my knowing, someone turned on the 18000000000000000000000x exp thing for just a few seconds.
And in those few seconds, I had killed the stump.
Therefore, I heard the leveling noise. When I checked it, I saw a GIANT blob of blue coming up over and over and over.
When it had ended, I was level 81.
Yes, awesome :3

So, now I’m done with this blog

15 thoughts on “MMOTPlayground :3”

  1. Yes we do :3
    But that was my first and by far, only event I have been to :3

  2. My Dk and Hermit are in it
    iFro(The sexy bich who was doing all the damage at zak) and TheDragoon(The Highest lvl Dk and first warrior to 200)

  3. no you weren’t

    I was spamming genesis, noob.

    I must’ve done like 8mil dmg.

  4. Fine i wasnt doing all of it but i was doing a majority
    And i miss having hb around it really cut into my killing speed running back and forward for hb constantly

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