Thanx For the Welcomes!

Hey, how’s it going?

Thanx for those awesome welcomes, guys. Really appreciate it. So I’m wondering, really, how do all those people have the patience to you know, get to lv 70? I got like 20,000 different characters cuz I can’t stand training just one. I could probably get to level 30 in a month, but you know, I have sports and things to do. But 70? Dunno about that. It’s 40 levels from 30, plus the more you level, the harder it is, so it’ll probabl take me a full four-six monthes if I really try…

But, then again, it’s a game. So how is everyone doing? Do you know what I don’t get? How all those people in FM shops have like such rare items and they sell it for like 100,000,000 mesos and people [b]actually[b] buy it! I figure their high levels, but man, where do you get all this stuff?

I’ve always wondered this… so when someone buys a couple of glove attack scrolls or whatever and their gloves get like 15 ATK after using them all and they sell them for like 20mil, do they actually earn profit or just like, get their money back? I mean, if life was this easy (like a game), i wouldn’t be here.

Enough about leveling and gloves. How about NX Cash? If you look at all those people who are like 100+, they have NX. Does FangBLade have it? I’ve never actually seen his face, without his mask thing. NX is pretty expensive, plus i don’t think my parents favor spending real money for virtual money. Okay, now I’m just plain chattering. I think I gotta stop. Anyways, nice talking to you guys.

– SomeonezStory

P.S. Sometimes i’ll blog about random stuff, because this is my only blog ever, so I figure I might as well use it as a regular blog… I don’t have a myspace or anything, so yeah. Take care.

7 thoughts on “Thanx For the Welcomes!”

  1. Lol, yeah, it sometimes takes more than 4-6 months to get to lvl 70 (but now everyone does it in a flash with 2x exp)
    Yes, I used to think fm prices were outrageous, but they’re supposed to be high so they earn a profit. But as you level, you will see they are not that crazy, people merchant and pros can easily get good things from bosses.
    Fangblade, I think he does have nx!
    I liked this blog, gets the reader involved!

  2. Hi. Feel free to blog about whatever you want around here, just make sure to keep it moderately MMO-relevant. Or else the MMO Gestapo’s gonna come get you. I’m not one of them, but there’s a lotta grammar and relevancy Nazis around here.

  3. Hmm well, I’m 50 now, but I train whenever I want to and can, and I don’t sacrifice other stuff for it. Usually.

    So yeah, I’m thinking it’ll probably take me a few more months to reach 70, but it doesn’t really matter to me because levelling is not everything in Maple to me.

    I don’t know about the extremely expensive buying-and-selling going around in the FMs because I am n00b and tend to sell expensive things cheaply, but yeah, I’ve kind of wondered along the same lines as you.

    As for NX, I’m thinking if you’ve invested the time to get to 100+, it’ll be easy for you to think that 10 bucks is not a lot to spend on a game, and so you go out and buy it, and buy it, and buy it again, until it all adds up. :S

  4. Yarly. Level 100 in two weeks = Good.

    Level 100 in a year and a half = Phail.

    Level 100 in 2 hours = Also phail.

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