Hey all, wats up?

ReDSnoop’s level 16. and I have to rewrite this from scratch because my computer is going crazy! trraining to level 30 is so easy, because you got HPQ, PQ, Kerning PQ…. but I’m wondering can you do monster carnival or something else after level 30? I have a maple guide but I don’t feel like reading… Anyways, all of my stuff is good experiences since the only bad experience I’ve had is with a guy who woke up on the wrong side of bed kind of person. Plus, I feel like talking ALOT about good stuff too, and i can’t stop giving you guys every little detail… event tho I have better things to do (or maybe not).
Anyways, so yeah.. How’s it going? MS’s patch wasn’t so good, there’s glitches in it. Like I can’t add a guild notice (i made a new guild with my char) called iSlushies (free to join! ) which stinks and I can’t do anything on my buddy list except add ppl! Even peopole just added for a basilmarket trade. I got a bit nx for my char too. My bro levels way faster since he has a pet and is level 31, a mage as well. I have patience to write and talk since I’m quiet in real life, but not to write over something! Gosh! i need to be better careful, and not ACCIDENTALLY press backspace on the keyboard… well…
Anyhoo (kept saying nayways, so I’m changing it), the dragon pet is lik wat? like 12k NX! I am totally getting ITCG or the trading card stuff or watever next time, that sounds cool. Did you know you can only make stormcaster gloves by buying those gloves? Well, gotta go to the YMCA to play bball and other stuff. Camp’s going good.

– SomeonezStory (Worth telling)
aka ReDSnoop

P.S. Cookie Dough is soooo good! It’s sugary delight! Who couldn’t resist?

P.S.S. Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t like chocolate’s taste? I mean dark choco, it’s bitter so I can understand..but milk chocolate? YUM!

P.S.S.S. Hows ur summer going along? Fine? MS has a myspace…. (WHOA!)

P.S.S.S.S. I am faming my character for every day I play (except i couldn’t fame when he was under level 15) so I can count. Who knows? I might get 10,000 fame… but that’s if I don’t have a life…. Later. take care!

P.S.S.S.S.S.S i dunno if it’s PS OR PPS okay? anyways, just putting it out there that I’m actually a girl, just the boy characters are somewhat cooler and i USED TO be a tomboy. Plus, i made it after the friend I told you I “adored”… (adore meaning like).

5 thoughts on “MAJOR TRAINING…and Hpq!”

  1. 1. Use trojans+speedup against low leveled sins/archers.

    2. Only do “cancel wep atk + magic atk” , never do other buffs unless you are confident you will win.

    These two tips made me win the majority of my games.


  2. It’s P.P.S., seeing how P.S means Post-Script, and Post-Post-Script makes more sense than Post-Script-Script. ya? XD

  3. iSPADE said: “1. Use trojans”

    lol, sorry. just had to do that. 😮

    and yes, you can do cpq after level’s meant for 30+ isn’t it? o.O

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