So er. . .

. . . long time no blog. D;

Anyways, it’s been about. . . two? three? Three weeks since summer vacation commenced, and probably the most exciting thing I’ve done was to break some glass, and acquire a good half-dozen cuts along the way. And I AM NOT EMO GANZ. D<

If it weren’t for Gateways – a summer day camp thing – I think my brains would have melted out my ears a long time ago, cuz normally over the summer I have NOTHING TO DO. Two and a half months of NOTHING. T___T;; So I am taking three out of four classes with a couple of my friends, which is okay, but the last class I take with my brother and a SUPER-UBER-ANNOYING-REALLY-DUMB-GIRL that I really hate, because she calls me dumb and slow and stupid. But whatever, I’ll just stab her with the needle tools on Monday if she provokes me again, and screw the consequences.

But the other classes are alright. I’m making a sort of window thing (?!) in Stained Glass (and we get to handle lead and acidy stuffs and soldering irons and things >D), folding lots of paper in Hands-On Geometry (which is really kind of like an origami class, but where you just create giant rhombic triacontrahedrons and other swizz), and Drawing/Painting, which is really self-explanatory. Unfortunately, Gateways will be ending this Thurday, and I didn’t sign up for the second session, so I guess I’m looking forward to another month and a half of absolute nothing. Oh joy D;

MMO section (REALLY SHORT! T__T)

Er it’s also been a LONG WHILE since I’ve even thought of MapleStory. Um, one of my friends said that she joined a pserver, so I was a bit surprised~ I’ve lost motivation for most games entirely. Is this how people feel when they finally get off drugs for good? Like, after the whole “OMGWITHDRAWAL” stage? o_o;; About the most video/computer games that I’ve played is SSBB. D: I still stink at it though .___.;;

IRL stuff (much longer & also includes the stuff from before the “MMOs” section):

Yesterday, my family and I went to a friend’s house to celebrate the 4th of July, although we watched fireworks on the third, at one of the high schools. And today, we were supposed to be going to the beach all together too, but I really had had enough of the boys (two days straight is enough for me, thank you very much), ‘cos they were all “MICHAEL JACKSON LOLOLOLOL” and making stupid pervy comments and dumb “yurmom” jokes. D; So I went to watch WALL-E with some friends. It’s a really good movie 8D so go see it :] Mo is probably my favorite character, but the “defunct” robots were interesting also. (omgplotspoiler?) But there were only fifteen seats left for the 2:50 showing when we got to the theatre, so we had to wait for the 3:30 showing, so before then we went to Barnes and Nobles, where I bought a book with the leftover money that I had after buying the movie ticket. Paperbacks ftw, ‘cuz they’re cheap 8D

Unfortunately, I’m also stuck in a drawing rut. Anything I doodle comes out totally deformed D: Which kind of reminds me, I also need to start working on the plushies thing again that my friend and I talked about a long time ago, but never started because we didn’t have the right fabrics.

. . .

There now. ARE YOU ALL PEOPLEZ HAPPY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? -coughglaresatcertainpeoplecough-

. . . I just reread this, and it just struck me as to how disorganized and crappy this is. But meh, whatever, summer’s made me too lazy to do anything about it. It’s almost made me as lazy as the fat peoplez in WALL-E. D; Blah.


. . . When I saw the giant inflated Drifloon in the “Latest Screenies” box it made me laugh hysterically .___.;;

PPS: “I saw a squirrel, and it went like this.” -INVADERZIM 8D

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  1. I celebrated the first of July =D. Go Canada! But i didn’t watch Wall-E D=
    “Can i be a mongoose dog?”- Yay for GIR

  2. cookiesNpie said: “I celebrated the first of July =D. Go Canada! But i didn’t watch Wall-E D=
    “Can i be a mongoose dog?”- Yay for GIR”


    AND I JUST SAID THAT MMOT WAS IN A “SLOWDOWN.” What the HECK is with all this. . . STUFF?! O.O

  3. Holy crap. I just realized my MMOid stats are the same as ShiningWings.

    4308 blog views, 50 likes, 4 blogs.

    Her blog views might be more now though.

  4. Btw, you didn’t read Anima’s thread, did you? Because that’s the only recent ribbing I’ve done about not blogging, I’ve pretty much left you alone for awhile o_o

  5. Lol
    Seeing that 900k nowai thing was kinda annoying looking
    So thankees for the blog

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