Back with a vengeance!

I was looking through my bookmarks and I saw MMOTales so I thought I’d come and update my dusty blog. lol

I didn’t mean to just go MIA like that but I honestly forgot about this thing. I got PSX and FF 1-9 for my ‘puter and I forgot about everything else. lol I have been getting in some MMO time though.

I’m level 51 (or 52, ionno) in Cabal now. My friends told me about going to the uber cool, ultra awesome Port Lux and I grinded until I got to level 50. ^^ But now I don’t feel like playing anymore. XD I’ll go back, of course. I have big plans for my awesome magician.

I’ve been inactive in PerfectWorld until about a week ago. I got my EP Yuki2 up to level 28 but because I totally effed up the stats, it’s incredibly hard to level now. If I fight things at my level, I either spam pots and Pure Heart or die. If I fight things below my level, I get crap experience. So, I decided I’d start over. I searched around on the official forums (which has a crap layout btw) and found a build for a hybrid EP. So, now I’m using that. Since around last night, I’ve gotten Yuki3 (creative name, eh?) to level 11. Funny thing…while I was leveling…several people randomly sent me friend requests. No greeting or even any kind of contact prior. Just sent it. Of course, I denied them. I really don’t want to have another repeat of having a million inactive strangers on my friendslist. And it’s really annoying when you have someone on your list and they message you after who knows how long asking, “Who r u?” Meh. I was invited to a few guilds too. Funny…at level 27-28, Yuki2 couldn’t find a guild that would give her the time of day. lol At level 11-12, Yuki3 is in high demand. Haha! I guess maybe because I was in Ancient Dragon City and everybody wanted level 30 or 40+ players. Anyway, I refused those too because I doubt I’ll be very active in the future.

Right now, the goal is to have fun levelling and to get Yuki3 to at least level 30 while maintaining a build worthy for her level. Also, I want to become a good blacksmith but right now, it’s not going too well. Too little needed materials, too many useless materials, and not enough inventory/storage space. I also now have weapons I don’t want or need and apparently nobody else does either. lol Oh wells, I’ll manage…

I’ve quit MapleStory completely. After months of not even clicking the link on my desktop, I finally uninstalled it. Sometimes I miss it and I feel like playing but I remember the KSers, annoying n00bs on shout, annoying n00bs begz0rz, and the other nonsense. Plus, I hear Nexon is crap these days so I really don’t want to waste the energy. My friends have either moved on to Cabal or other games.

I’ve also reinstalled Albatross13. I play it whenever I find myself just wanting to play with others for an hour or so. The game is cute but I still get annoyed that half of the people can’t speak English and half of the half that do are n00bs. I do meet nice people sometimes. I often cheer them on while they’re kicking my behind. lol

I’m thinking about playing Ragnarok next. I overheard some people talking about it in Cabal (I think) and I’m thinking about trying it out myself. I haven’t had a chance to because I have no memory on my ‘puter. *crysobdeletedeletesob* I don’t really have high expectations for Ragnarok because well, honestly, Ragnarok is such a generic name but since guys seem to like it (idunno why), I’m afraid this might be one of those “guy type” of games. lol I should judge a book by it’s cover. I looked it up on Wikipedia and Ragnarok seems to have an interesting complicated class system. I’m still not sure if it’s F2P but so far I haven’t seen anything that said it wasn’t.

Oh right. I’ve given up my browser RPGs. The first one, Popomundo, lost me because they’re making nearly everything for VIP (or donators) players. They’re saying that it’s for “security” reasons but it’s no secret that they need the $$ for their servers. It pisses me off that they’re saying that Popo is free of charge and completely limitless but when you start playing, you find out that you have to donate to take a dump. It feels really underhanded to me. What pisses me off even more is when you do mention it in the forums, the VIP players jump on you as if free players are the cancer that’s killing the game. It’s like, I do understand the server problem but if donating is so important, they should just say so instead of saying “FREE! FREE!” and then sneaking up on you with their VIP membership. I was more motivated to donate before they started taking away privileges. Oh well… These games are businesses after all. If they don’t want free players leeching off their servers then they have one less player right here.

I’ve also given up NexusWar for now. Not because of the game but because I really can’t keep up with the metagaming. I’d say that I would do something and either I’d forget, sleep through it, or my internet would die. Then I ended apologizing over and over. My last three raids went horribly. During the first one, I got completely lost after coming at the last minute (overslept), and during the second and third I lagged so badly that by time I did get to the target, the raid was already over. I felt so bad…but not really because the faction I was raiding for was kind of crappy… Actually, one of the leaders was. The only reason why I stayed in that faction was because I fell for his sob story and promised I would help out. I did help out some but I started to feel like a tool. When we’d go on raids and they failed, he would be the only one who still had AP and the first one to leave. I sort of got the feeling the raids were just ways to gain XP for him. I know one time I did get pissed when like 4 of us were on the doorstep of our target and I thought we were going to have a tick war and he said, “Well, I’m going back home.” The other leader agreed to stay with me but you know, I was still pissed b/c I prepared for 2 days and didn’t get anything out of it. Also, another thing I didn’t like about him is that he only talked about raids to his friends (the other leaders). The only time he talked about the raids to me was when to get there and where to go to. When I tried to discuss things with him, I’d get a one word answer and then he’d call one of his friends. Man, thinking about this guy really ticks me off… I didn’t want to look like a hypocrite so I stayed but I probably should have left when he deserted the rest of us during that raid. Doesn’t matter anyway because I’ve left. I wanted to kill him before I left but I really don’t want that black mark on my name. Even if I’m inactive. I feel bad for my other faction though but since I’ve checked back, I noticed that most of the members were inactive so I don’t feel *too* guilty. I’ll check back every so often though.

Ahh…I made another tl;dr blog again. lol This makes up for the past few months so, in retrospect, this blog is quite short.


No screenies… =(