Jackpot! Level 50! :D

Well guys, I finally reached level 50. Yep, it took all last night, but it was well worth it….I guess. However, I just hope my exam marks won’t be suffering from that, haha. I’ve been waiting all this time to finally get to level 50, and now I’m just so happy that I look awesome in it.

I got some bad news though. My Icarus (2) that I transfered from Scania died. The whole thing started when some guy dropped a scroll in the Free Market, and it turned out to be a 70% Cape STR. I was thinking, “NICE!”, and I was getting ready to use it. So, I drag it and drop it over my Icarus (2) Cape….Pppt! There goes a 2 mill cape. Oh well, I guess I was really deserving it there. It sucks though, because since it has a 50% chance of being destroyed within a 30% chance of failing, that means that it had a 15% chance of being destroyed. 15%? God that sucks. So, I decided to just quickly grab a black napoleon, and frankly, I don’t really care about it anymore. Oh well.

I also got new NX items. Because I couldn’t gift anything from the MTS (emotear), I decided to go ahead and use it on my character. So, I actually raised over 10k NX, and got myself plastic surgery and a haircut. Now my guy looks pretty. =3 Haha. Well, he looks exactly like me (in a MapleStory way), and next job is to make AngelPancake look like herself.

But regardless, I got to level 50, and now I can finally do some new stuff without trying to grind as quick as possible. Now, I just got 20 levels until 70….please don’t take too long. @_@

7 thoughts on “Jackpot! Level 50! :D”

  1. Wow congrats on level 50.And only 20 levels till 70 wow I hope it goes fast for you,, Well at least you got that other cape to help you good luck love and i hope your future exams go great too,awwww yes he does look just like you hahaha amazing! BTW your items look yummy especial the waffles haha XD i never seen those, Maple gets so strange at times haha.Great blog!

  2. Grats on the 50 :] It’s a really awesome feeling isn’t it ?

    I remembered how I hit 50 during last year’s Maple event . Fantastic .

  3. Yeah, lvl 50 is awesome
    I didn’t have cpq to get there either so back then it was actually a challenge

    The 5x levels start off fast so you’ll be leveling pretty easily at first
    The 6x’s get grueling and boring
    Lol, I have been on lvl 62 forever!

  4. I like the look you have going there. Haven’t seen much people with the knuckle mace. Prefer me a Golden mole though, so big and shiny, And lazydame, if you think the 60s are hard then wait until the 70s. You’ve spent so much time hyping up your third job and then you come crashing back down to earth when you remember the fact that you have to level up to get all your new skills. Grats on level 50 though! Mebbe I should quit my WK and join you in mardia, Everyone in bellocan’s so quiet,

  5. yeah, my friend who probably started around the same time as me
    Is like the fastest lvler. lol me:lvl 62 him: lvl 116 DK
    He said that the 6x’s and 7x’s were hard and I remember him being lvl 7x for a really long time!
    Lol, the 7x’s are supposed to be hell levels!
    Well, I’m not really that motivated to lvl right now!

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