Not about MMOTMS

Seriously, this blog isnt about MMOTMS XD
Just wanted to talk about. . . stuff i guess

Listening To: To Zanarkand, from Final Fantasy X

Well its almost 11pm here in California, and I can’t play because of the server check. . .
Whats that?
You want to know whats going on in my life?
Too bad 😐

Lets see, tomorrow, im going to Malibu to camp with my (small) church for 3 days; I’ll be stuck out in the middle of a grass field with no electricity and whatnot for three days. . . >.< My hairs going to be a wreck when i get back.

On the bigger scale of life, I’ve just graduated from the 9th grade; on to my sophomore year! I’ll be entering the new International Baccalaureate (IB) program my school implemented this year, and my grade gets to be the first to test it out (Yess, no more ap for me! >)

Lets not make this blog completely off-topic, so heres the MS part.

Today my real life friend said he would give me 11mill (!) and a shooper scrolled wand if i played again, so i begrudgingly patched to v57 and went on my old, rusty lukless mage.

I got the promised subsidy, along with various other items ( A 29 att level 8 wand is not godly, that liar ). I asked him how much money he had, and he said he had 78 mill and a couple ilbis. Thats after he wasted 15 mill scrolling my crappy wand, and also after giving me 11 mill. Wow, what a rich guy. . . To me anyways, since the most money i’ve had was 20mill XD.

Eager to pursue his fabulous money making schemes, I asked him how he made so much money at level 50, which was his main.

Lets just say his methods would not be approved of by Waffle (Yeah, randomness FTW). Something about quick trade. The more honest way he made money was drop gaming, but my internets way to slow for that XD.


Im getting sleepy now; its midnight now, guess ill just leave my comp on to finish downloading The Love Guru. . .

‘Night all!

Or rather, ‘Morning all!

15 thoughts on “Not about MMOTMS”

  1. ._.

    Bed anyone?

    But still, the only way to make in money is to:

    Buy mesos.
    Meso farming which takes ages.
    Or scamming.



    P.S. The Love Guru is horrible~

  2. Listening To: To Zanarkand, from Final Fantasy X


    I used to play that song on the piano EVERYDAY in ungodly hours (. . . 4am>?), and the neighbours wouldn’t come knocking.

    -messes up your hair with a frog-

  3. O_O woah

    im trying to pull an all-nighter with my friend 8D Killing time playing ms

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