Mmot Playground .:By Sashi

Today was my second day playing the wonderfully wonderful exclusively exclusive MMOT Maplestory Private Server!

When I started yesterday, I decided to become an Archer, since that was the only class that I have’nt “been”.

So, through HOURS and HOURS of TEDIOUS training (Actually I killed a green snail and I was level 10 ), I reached Athena Pierce and became an archer!
[Pic 1]
Armed with (I think) 1bill mesos from True13lue aka Phoenix, I went ahead and bout bows and armor up to level 30 XD

10 Minutes later, I realised that was totally stupid and unecessary, because it took me 10 minutes to get to level 30 D:
[Pic 2]

Determined to reach 3rd and 4rth job, I went on a killing shpree from the dungeons in victoria island to the wolf-spider thingies at nlc.
That sounded pretty cool 8D ‘cept that nlc is in victoria island…. dang >.>

Finally, on the second day, I reached level 120 and became a BowMaster!!!
[Pic 3]

Then I met other MMOTalers and we had fun. . .
Things like
1. ZRUN !!! Im pretty sure everyone died at least once XD

SilverFx and True13lue were there to help me train and fund me, but


I outleveled Silver

Muhahahahahahahaha *Evil laughter*

Dang, i still have to beat 13lue though. . . . . . *someday*

Look at pic 4 nao

. . . Funny eh?

. . . LAUGH. NAO.

Im pretty sure its supposed to say “I’m the sexy dolphin!”, unless David meant for it to say that XD

Ok I think i’m done. I’m bored. Hope the server can go up tonight. . .

Oh! Guess what!


He’s FunnyFroggy aka Prince Froggy aka Mini Zakum (refer to Zathe’s Blog’s 3rd picture)

Hes the mosht hawtesht prince frog i’ve ever met 8D

(Notice same eye color and Name box <3)(Oh wait you can’t, stupid f4 >.&gt

Too bad marriages don’t work . . . Hopefully David can get them to?

Special thanks to l3lue for helping me in my noob days (yesterday), Silver for going on crazy adventures with me, and Froggy for being awesome <333

All right, I’m REALLY done nao, everyone just gimme your msn so i can stalk you with my newly made msn with the help of froggy <3

One last parting picture… [Pic 5]

23 thoughts on “Mmot Playground .:By Sashi”

  1. Bish you didn’t include me
    I helped plvl you but you got rollbacked and I outlvled em all to get too lvl 200 3rd
    Sides the gms of course

  2. Yeah well, I got rolled back and could never play whenever most of you guys are online. ><

    Hee, we should visit more difficult monsters, ya? That is, when the server’s back online again. ><

  3. I can kill skelegons in like one Genesis.

    And I spam Genesis.

    And Genesis hits everything on my screen.

    Yeah, I really should start training more. I’m lvl 191 right now.

  4. sure. . . ill pwn them all 8D

    I totally forgot about how pleveling me at spider thingies, Sorry!

  5. Haha as long as you admit
    And Zathe you shall be my heal slave at boss run you hear me?

  6. Yea, it just says something like:
    Mediation server has rejected your login request.

  7. o___o Wow, I’ve never heard of that error. And I thought Hamachi was wacky enough on my computer, cause it sort of like screwed up my wireless connection when I first installed it. >.> Uninstall/re-install?

  8. Lolololo. I used the free premium trial that changes me back to basic when it’s over. ROLOLOLOLOLl.

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