I haven’t been blogging.

(And neither has a certain other, in whose possession is a pair of wings that are shining. -pushes said person to ‘Submit a blog’ link-)

I also haven’t really been playing MS in general. I’ve been level 59, 0% for… well, for two days. But that’s because I died last weekend sniping DTs. But I’ve been level 59 for at least two weeks, maybe three or four.

RussetAure has been level 28, 10ish% since January.
StrlessAure has been level 35, 20ish% since November.
TwilitAure has been level 7, 1% since forever. (Ever since I quit trying for Angelica from that hair quest )

Well… I haven’t been training.

I’ve helped out AGF a lot. It now knows a few more random technicalities of this game.
For example, every 10 defense reduces 5 max damage and 6 minimum damage. And a little more if the monster is higher than you.
And the ranger skill Inferno and the sniper skill Blizzard get 125% element advantage.
And Power Knockback damage is your damage range without mastery, divided by 2.

But I mean, who really cares. It’s only useful to the damage calculator makers.

I also put on some level 30 equips and tested some of the 35-50 stuff in “my” training guide. Threw out some, put some back in.
But I’m lazy, so I still haven’t gotten past 35-50. There’s still 45-60, 60-70, 70-85, and then however I decide to split up 80-200, accounting for all that Leafre junk. Long way to go.

And I finally got together materials for a second Sirius Cloak. Problem is, I thought it’d be a good idea to bring my page-to-be to NLC to swap them for a manual, since she was in Vic and my crossbowman in Ludi. But the manual’s untradeable, which means if I ever want that cloak I’ll have to bring my page-to-be to Omega Sector somehow. She’s level 28.
I’d advance her to 2nd job and then bring her over, but 2nd job isn’t coming anytime soon at this rate.

I’ve also been fanfic writing, a little, as (I hope) you’ve seen. And poem writing along with that. I’ve always been better at poems; sometimes I think the one I start each of my chapters with is more worth reading than the chapter itself.

-blatantly advertises 2KL-
-gets chased by angry mob, waving ‘GTFO, Bad Writer’ signs-

Chapter 4 is on the way.

And, of course, I’ve been studying like hell. Not for school; studying for school is stupid since I ace all my tests anyway.
Studying for this.

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination (or AIME) is a 15-question 3-hour test given since 1983 to those who have no life and spend all their free time preparing for tests that they don’t have to take.

Yeah, that. I still haven’t come up with a good answer for people who ask me why I do it.

The use of calculators is not allowed on the test.

@#$% YOU

(Oh and guess what I learned? 2=1! No, I’m not crazy. In fact, I can prove it using algebra:
Let a = b
Add a to both sides: 2a = a+b
Subtract 2b from both sides: 2a-2b = a-b
Factor left side: 2(a-b) = a-b
Divide both sides by (a-b): 2=1
-collective gasp-
The error’s pretty easy to spot though. First to mention it gets a cookie )

I went through a Twilight Princess phase a couple weeks ago. The ironic part is, I don’t have the game and it’s been over half a year since I played it. But I watched the cutscenes on YouTube, going “oh yeahhh” at all the parts I’d seen and “OMGSPOILER” at the ones I hadn’t.
Some of them are really quite touching, at least for a video game o___o or maybe I’m just too sentimental…
Now that I think about it, it’s probably the latter. I’m always too sentimental, even if I don’t seem it.

(Seriously though!

See what I mean?)

And this is fun.
And this is awesome.
And this is… XD
And I’m confused. What am I blogging for again?

Heart rhymes with part; soul rhymes with whole.
– RussetAure

9 thoughts on “Excuse.”

  1. Basically, you’re saying a=b. But a-b=a-a=0. And everybody knows ya can’t divide by zero. Found da error
    Cookie pl0x

    ~*insert sig here*

  2. TheReplaced said: “I took the AIME last year too. =O I got like an 8x.”

    You can’t lol. It’s out of 15.

    Here, ipod: link

  3. Wait. Can’t you put the manual inside the bank/storage place and you can access it over where you are?

  4. Dest1 said: “Wait. Can’t you put the manual inside the bank/storage place and you can access it over where you are?”

    I dunno, it’s untradeable, haven’t tried transferring it but it shouldn’t be possible.

  5. Aure-chan!

    I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, because surely that said person mentioned above was not me! Hyuuuu~ n__n

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