Moonlight Bay: Everlasting Night



Let’s hope I didn’t suck too much at this. I’m unpolished wih writing lately.

Moonlight Bay: Everlasting Night

It was one of those days where you’d feel gloomy and depressed, gazing out of your window, wishing that for once, the pitter-patter of the rain would stop, or the clouds would part to shimmer upon the puddle-ridden streets. In Moonlight Bay, these days came without warning. However, for certain “magi”, these days were perfect cover for various deeds. When the mana surrounding the Twilight Province started spiking, it was a good time to stay inside, lest you be caught up in the gang wars.

Some days, the mana would flair, and the magi would know that there was a battle coming soon. The mana was like a sentient being, embracing Moonlight Bay in its ethereal arms. No one knew why the mana had come but for a small handful of the many gangs rife in Moonlight Bay. The mana emanated from the very artifact that these gangs were fighting over. The mana had settled itself within Moonlight Bay quite comfortably.

Tonight, the mana was stirring, in a fashion that hadn’t happened since the great war of Veneficus, Moonlight’s sister city, the namesake of the Veneficus Village in the outskirts of the Twilight Province, the very place where “it”, the artifact was found and squirreled away by Dawn. But that wouldn’t affect Moonlight Bay, so many miles away from Veneficus.

Dawn was in possession of the Gramarye Gem, the very source of mana itself. But its rival, Dusk, wasn’t too worried. Dawn was too afraid of the possible repercussions of harnessing the gem to use it. Instead, they guarded it gamely, to ensure that Dusk wouldn’t use it and send the world into eminent oblivion.

But that didn’t matter today. Today was a slow tourism day, and as such, the mana had obligingly made the skies overcast. This was one of those days were you peered out your blinds, hoping the next day was not as depressing.

Today, the mana was stirring.

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  1. Yah, I really wasn’t too polished for this.

    I haven’t written a story in a while, and his story felt kind of forced. But still, one of the works I have that don’t suck.

  2. Surprisingly, this is very similar to my narrative. One objective though, yours is better.

    Once I get the blog situation straightened out, we can start, and Zathe, you have the obliged honor of being the 1st writer on the forum.

    I’ll save this for later,

  3. I have my bio ready. You can see it if you want, I’ll PM it to you.

    Use RPMod for all RP purposes.

    Or official ones, at any rate.

  4. I wanna know. And you can’t make it so the story ends up in your favor. Stories must end in the villain’s favor every now and then. Everytime, it’s the hero. It should go with evil. But nooooo, Zathe is going to go, “Well, I thought up of this RP, so I get to choose the ending. So hah!”


    I got Zathed. >.>

  5. . . .

    Tell me, please, what this has to do with an MMO. >_>

    THIS NEEDS TO BEFORUM’D! Like omgwtlolfzbbqzorz.


    (And seriously, I need to start getting really tough with the rules. Yes, I am mean. Yes, I am going to delete your blog if you ever ever ever like yourself again, because just ’cause you’re my friends does not mean I’m extra-special to you, )

  6. Errrr.



    Well, this can’t fit in a forum.

    Besides, this was just written as a teaser for Froggy’s amusement.

    Also, I didn’t see you banning Paper Hell.

  7. Back then, we were way too lenient. Bad move, some peoples took advantage.

    Anyways. Yea. When is the temp-ban going to be removed?

  8. You guys (especially Zathe lulz) got overexcited about the RP and started making a bunch of unnecessary blogs and liking them.

    Zathe also seems to be adding “!” to the end of his sentences

    EDIT: And Mip has seemingly gone nutterly crazy

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