Guild hack sucks.

The guild hack thing really does suck… I had each of my two active characters in a separate guild. I have no clue what happened to my sin’s guild, because I just joined and don’t really have any contact with the leaders. I’m not sure if it was hacked or the guild master managed to save the guild.

Luckily, Recondite managed to be saved. So I’m glad for that, since that’s more of my “home” guild I guess. I’ve been in there for quite a while. It would be a shame to lose it.

Anyway, yeah. Well. I really need to get to work on my F/P mage. I’ve gotten lazy on her. I got to level 70 about the end of June last year I believe… And I’m only level 76 right now.

Better cut this entry short. Sounds like a storm is coming, and I’d rather not fry my computer like last year. Toodles.

11 thoughts on “Guild hack sucks.”

  1. eeek! I just got back from a 3 day trip at Ashland for a Shakespeare festivel so I’m still catching up with the latest maple stuff. XD

    argh, this guild hack thing sounds really scary. . . well, I don’t mind if my guild on my hunter gets hacked because I don’t really have a relationship with
    everyone and they’re all inactive. Dx

    to add to these awful things, I read on basil that there was a “Fire Alarm” hack where there would be a massive hacking of accounts from April 5th-8th. It sounds like a lie, but I’m not going to log in during that time since I have lots of homework to catch up on. x[

  2. MasterCheeze said: “Wait, what if DJ’s guild is banned now? D:”

    Logged on earlier, AppleBomb is still intact. >.<

    Luckily someone put a guild notice about the hackĀ… otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. >_>

  3. Mhm, it’s pretty brutal.
    The only GUARANTEED way of protecting your guild is for the leader to SS all the IGNs in the guild then kick everyone, and not log on to that character until the problem is resolved.

    But yeah, those have gotta be some 1337 hackers. -_-

  4. Yeah, ‘Code Black’ lockdown.

    Don’t try anything less. I did, and my guild got owned

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