Richard’s MapleStory Chronicles, Day 1

Okay. Here’s what happened today so far in MapleStory.

1. I leveled up to 43, which enables me to use the Maple Crossbow.

2. Although Maple Crossbow is weaker than my scrolled Heckler, I plan on selling it. (Weapon Attack-wise, Maple Crossbow had 57, while my scrolled Heckler had 64 and +3 Accuracy.)

3. Leveled up during Monster Carnival Party Quest. The second time.

4. First two matches of the CPQ today ended in defeat, and some hacker is using my friend’s character to insult me. (Unsure if it’s the hacker, or the actual player.)

5. Ludibrium PQ ended abruptly like most of the parties I’ve been on.

6. Found a Black Jangoon Skirt for Female Warriors above level 40 and currently selling on Basil.

7. Helped get my fiancee a Black Piettra Skirt to match her Black Piettra Top, and currently getting Red Pierre Shoes to match the clothes.

6 thoughts on “Richard’s MapleStory Chronicles, Day 1”

  1. Well, no, not really.

    I’ll only LPQ when my buddies are online, so the leader would not be a Jack Schitt and expel everyone.

  2. Ya, now that CPQ is here, LPQ is going to drop out of the sky like a bird that just got shot, and its going to hit the ground HARD LOLOLOL Stupid Stage 8

  3. So wait, are you selling the maple crossbow or the heckler? If it’s the latter, you should just hold on to it, because it’s better than the maple crossbow.

  4. I’m selling the Maple Crossbow. I’m keeping the Heckler until level 50.

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