[LordIsaac Comic #23]

This one was pieced together in a hurry. I have homework. Sorry for any suckage.

I’ve started playing DOMO (Dream Of Mirror Online) with my friends. That includes Ganzicus. Some people are against it and have started chanting “DOMO is for homo’s!”

Anyways. Perhaps I can make a DOMO comic? I kind of doubt it. But I still took a funny screenshot.

LordIsaac Comic #23
Content removed. I don’t think I should keep it up any longer.

7 thoughts on “[LordIsaac Comic #23]”

  1. Lol, I’m sorta liking this theme you have of bringing stuff back from your comics and then twisting it so the characters notice!
    Aren’t all your comics done in a hurry though?

    ~LaZzz. . .

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