Rain-off-saw-row’s Mabinogi

My name is RainOfSorrow, pronounced as it is. In Mabinogi, my name is Rainofsorrow, pronounced as Rain-off-saw-row. Get that right or I’ll dine on your biscuits. I will dine on them.

Anyways I started playing Mabinogi at March 14th, making my character age 14 and two weeks later is now an age 16. I started off not so funded and boy, am I funded now. (Refer to Pic 1) I also have 20k more in my bank so that’s 40k in total. Not bad fer a newbie.

‘Nyways, yesterday at noon I was on Mabinogi I asked gujju what kind of titles she had, what age she is (she actually kinda sent me a message saying something like ‘Cool! I’m 13 now’ or something of that sort). She said she didn’t got the Golem Slayer and I was like ‘What?!?’. So then I met up with gujju, and guided her to the dangers of Ciar Dungeon.

Suprisingly, she didn’t even know about the path to Ciar Dungeon, and again I was like ‘What?!?’. So we went in, and navigated through the dungeon. Occasionally, I would be like ‘The first one in shut the door!’ by opening a treasure chest, closing the door in front of gujju’s face. She’d come in and help out.

When we got to the Golem, I’d help her fight it and revived her because she died. Thank you Phoenix Feathers. Carry around 5+ people. You’ll never know. She finished off the Golem but she didn’t get the title and we were both like, ‘What?!?’. We got out treasure and she said she’ll go back to solo it later. After that we did some jobs and headed over to the mining town Bangor via Moon Gate. There wasn’t much there except a pair of Blacksmiths, one which sells Two-Handed Swords; Furnaces for the practice of refining, anvils for smithery, a grumpy man with a hump for who manages the general store, a pub, a mine-like dungeon, and dead trees. After that I just kinda logged off because I had thing’s to do, leaving gujju doing thing’s that a guy can’t imagine. If that sounds perverted, deal with it.

Well that’s mainly it. Can’t think of what else to blog ’bout so, yeah. Over and out.

Pic 1- My 20k character doing a >_< face. The coin with the 15 amount is one of those battle arena coins.

4 thoughts on “Rain-off-saw-row’s Mabinogi”

  1. Dude have 2 words for you:

    Money bag!

    ahah i went on later to the dungeon after you left and figured out how to get ores withthe help of some nice people

  2. I went there alone and came back only half injured. And then some random kid wanted me to help him get some iron ores and I lost a load of Holy Water.

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